President Obama, determined to press for the government takeover of our entire health care system, is reviving a tweaked version of the Senate health care "reform" bill. If possible, it's even worse than the one Sen. Harry Reid cobbled together in secret and then sprung on the country just before Christmas.The president will hold a highly-publicized just-for-show "summit" Thursday in an effort to breathe life into his version of this monstrosity.As our good friend Gary Bauer of the Campaign for Working Families and American Values points out, here are just some of the problems with the bill:•The president is threatening to use what's called the "reconciliation process," a gimmick that will enable him to enact socialized medicine with just 51 votes in the Senate.•A Rasmussen poll found that 58% of likely voters oppose both the Senate and House health care bills, and 61% want Congress to tear up both bills and start over. The American people have already made it clear they do not want the government takeover of health care.•The president says his proposal will cost about $1 trillion, but the Congressional Budget Office says the language is too vague even to come up with an official cost estimate.•Under his plan, senior citizens living off investment income will get hit with a new tax on so-called "unearned" income. (It's hardly "unearned" - you worked all your life to build those investments.)•It extends the "Cornhusker kickback" to every state in the Union, essentially offering a bribe to every senator.•It includes the unconstitutional mandate that every American buy insurance or pay a fine. (This means you will get taxed for not doing something!)•It imposes price controls on the health insurance industry. Every time in history price controls have been used, they have resulted in shortages and rationing.•It not only makes taxpayer funding of abortion a right, it provides for the direct funding of abortions through Community Health Centers and would lead to mandates that would require every private insurance plan to cover elective abortions.But as Gary says, "we stopped socialized medicine before...and I believe we can stop them again
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