Senior Obama Campaign official David Axelrod, admitted Sunday, August 5th on Fox News that Ohio military voters who are allowed early voting was indeed the target of the lawsuit filed against the state of Ohio. He incorrectly claimed that military early voting was an exception, which must be corrected, so that all Ohio voters can have the right to vote early

As Ohio Democrats and the Obama campaign were targeting the military overseas voters and lambasting the Ohio state legislature and the Secretary of State for engaging in alleged discriminatory practices, they conveniently avoided mentioning that federal law protects early voting rights of overseas soldiers.

The Obama lawsuit’s claim for relief states that as a matter of fact, Ohio voters are similarly situated as military overseas voters, in their inability to vote early. The lawsuit states: “Whether caused by legislative error or partisan motivation, the result of this legislative process is arbitrary and inequitable treatment of similarly situated Ohio voters with respect to in-person early voting,”

What is clear is that the intention of the lawsuit is to convey a sense of voter rights imbalance where none exists both legally or factually. The Obama lawsuit claims that the action by the state of Ohio was, ‘arbitrary’ and unconstitutional to allow three extra days of in-person early voting to military voters and their families who are overseas.

Yet, the 1986 and amended 2010 Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act allows this preferential treatment as a matter of fact and of law.

The very purpose for the law’s passage was due to congress’ recognition that tens of thousands of soldiers could not avail themselves of their U.S. Constitutional voters rights due to actual physical impossibilities related to their military service. Ohio voters are not confronted with similar physical service impossibilities. This is a matter of fact. So, where are the factually similar ongoing warfare conditions that military soldiers face, to be found for Ohio voters in the state? The Obama camp claims that the Ohio’s law provides, arbitrary and inequitable treatment of similarly situated Ohio voters. The Ohio democrat’s claims do not add up.

This lawsuit filing was more a political ploy by the Obama campaign and their desperate democrat allied officials in Ohio, to use the heroic military soldiers of Ohio as part of their ominous chess game. In fact, Ohio democrats could legally surmise before filing the lawsuit, that the state could legally establish voting procedures.

In fact earlier in July, Ohio democrat officials first claimed urban voters, i.e. democrat base voters would be deprived of their “right to early voting.” In fact, the few counties that used this practice saw a dwindling number of voters using this option. Democrats lost that round, and then turned their targets on the one group of voters, who were overseas defending the nation: Ohio military voters. Democrats hoped that this inconvenient mistruth would stick against the legal wall.

The Ohio democrats and the Obama political voter bean counters in Chicago went into court with this fallacy of reverse discrimination being practiced in Ohio. It is probable that they concluded that a federal judge would ignore the federal Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act, which gives military overseas personnel the legal right to have access to early voting and extended voting. Not going to happen.

The Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act reads in part under Section G, paragraph D: “Hardship Exceptions”, that congress recognized as a matter of both fact and law, that military voters who are serving overseas are materially situated differently than other voters and therefore their voter rights must be protected and insured.

The law specifies that states must develop:

“(D) a comprehensive plan to ensure that absent uniformed services voters and overseas voters are able to receive absentee ballots which they have requested and submit marked absentee ballots to the appropriate State election official in time to have that ballot counted in election for Federal office, which includes:

"(i) the steps the State will undertake to ensure that absent uniformed services voters and overseas voters have time to receive, mark, and submit their ballots in time to have those ballots counted in the election;

Ohio state officials were keeping consistent with federal law which legally grants an exception for overseas military voters. In fact, the Obama administrations own U.S. Justice Department asserts that it works vigorously to enforce the federal Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act. It states the, “department has worked to aggressively enforce UOCAVA and the MOVE Act in order to ensure that all military and overseas voters can exercise their right to vote, and have their votes counted.”

The facts are clear. The U.S. Justice Department is aware of the law and says it enforces it. The state of Ohio election officials are attempting to do the same. The Ohio legislature’s intention was to protect the federal rights of military overseas voters. So don’t be fooled by the bait and switch legal and campaign tactics by the Obama campaign and Ohio democrats.

In the end, Ohio democrats and the Obama campaign are engaged in a high takes politically charged chess game and they are unfortunately using Ohio military overseas soldiers as the pawns. In November, the Ohio voters…all of them including the military voters will checkmate the Obama campaign and the Ohio democrat cronies.

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  • Obama and the Dems are trying to stick it to our military, again.  Trying their hardest to make sure the military votes aren't counted.  Meanwhile, illegals, dogs and dead people are voting. Heard some of this is happening in Virgina, check it out.

  • My fellow Americans --- Is there any state that Obama and Holder haven't sued - with tax payer millions of course?   Obama is sleeze, has no ethics, does not respect the office, sees the office just as an ends of what he wants to do. Kennedy had press conference every single week, Obama hasn't had one in seven weeks. Doesn't matter anyway, the press is corrupt and openly advocating Obama.

  • Just received some very exciting news- -I'm praying it's true - -I believe it is true!  Obama-soetoro and "the powers that be" will have their day in court and they're in for such a "rude awakening"!  I cannot say more, but "stay tuned", folks!  It is said the Convention in Tampa will be far more than we expect! In the meantime, keep praying!

  • Obama and the Democrats are just a disgrace!!! Shame on all of them. I hope this is fought once provide and for all on every state level to help these guys and gals!! It really ticks me off they even try to do this to our men and women!!!!!

  • Who's lying now?,..ALL them who are NOT Consrvative's,..why?, is too damn short to run around lying to everyone about everything,..Remember,those of us whom have a good brain,use it,..those whom are real close to us,RECORD your lie's,..we do too,but from memory,..Why?,..We cannot afford a phone,..but we do have recorders,we just do not carry them with us 24/7,..

  • Maybe the Obamologna should visit our boys and girls NOW on the front line.  Wait a our boys and girls on the front line KNOW about this?  

  • I see John Boehner as a good guy but I also see one who does not seem to have the fight in him that is needed to pull Obama out of the White House, and NOW, with all the negatives against him.  Is this a case we don't have enough evidence like on Blue Blood?  I find it so hard to take when this sleazeball Obama still has his name on the ballots and he has never been qualified.  Thanks to Bellapelosi and dirty Harry we good Americans have had to live thru almost 4 years of hell on earth. 

  • i cant wait for the military tribunal to try  this foriegner for crimes against the u.s. , it a ticking time bomb for  opuke-o  , and his henchmen, it is said that something good always comes out of something bad, and that (hopefully) will be the fact that americans wake the hell up and start paying attention to their government representitives.

    (i dont watch opuke-o on tv,so ty matt for letting me know on yet another of his raunch speaches)

  • Does this really come as a suprise that Ovomit would do something to stop the people over seas from voting?, it seems to me that last cycle in 08 there was a lot of ballots that was "lost" until after the election, all of them over seas ballots thus not counted because the time it took to be added to the count had passed, this was for both democrat and republican,

    Do you really expect this usuper to allow a rave he knows right now he cannot win to continue

    without some form of help, or event. staged by either Obama-maniacs, the NBPP, ACORN or some pro Obama group  that allows him to not only declare martail law but will allow him to stop any and all elections until such time he feels we are safe to continue, which would be the end of the freedoms we as Americans have,

    Look at it now, Obama will not sight the Pledge of Allegiance, he will not salute the American Flag, he shows no respect for all the Armed Forces when he is not standing before the cameras to makie sure they get his photo-op in the paper, he has taken all the credit for the killing of Osoma, even through he did nothing more that say go, he spends countless hours playing golf, vacationing, traveling across the country, or globe, instead of being in the White House where he belongs, he makes racist, hate filled comments against anyone that tries to up hold the law, like that police office right after he got in office,

    He told us that he had to have his "stimulus" passed so he start the infra-structure repair of the nation, that there was thousands of "shovel ready jobs" when he knew all along there was no jobs because he planned on paying back his union partiers for helping him get in office, he pushed that damn health care bill   he did so with no republican in put or supprt, refusing to left them have a word in, all this was done either late at night or tied to some other meaningless crap, the results unemployment soared so did our national debt,

    He has given billions to his union buddies in the name of green energy only to have all the money we pay to  be sucked down a long lost tunnel to never been seen again, obama's take well, we'll lose some, in the case of this prick we have not had one survive after they received government bailouts

    most he and that lame ass biden both bolstered and bragged about, again showing he is beyond clueless about how to run business,

    Lets also not forget that two ton knuckle dragging "for once I am proud of my county" whench, how many racist comments has she made, how many tax paid has she and her "extended family" taken while on the tax payer dole, or sent her kids with their "14 closest" friends on vacations by themselfs, using tax payer protection, tax payer air craft, oh what the hell tax payer everything because we all know that to speak out against these two labels racist we are not allowed to question their waste of tax's. the lavish vacations, the free trips all the while the Joker and troll are telling us to stay home this year, put off that vacation, or if gas to too much then  get rid of your gas hog and get a "green" car, just make sure you can charge it,  and hope to hell you never meat the local wildlife on the road,


    God, lets get this two bit useless communist loving arragant, self centered prick out of the White House in 91 days, if mooo-chelle has to stay in the "White" House for another day she is going to crap a brick, remember the person who named it had to be you guessed it a f-ing racist

  • obummer needs to be arrested by the MILITARY.

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