For anyone that needs to get up to speed on the Obama Certificate of Live Birth (COLB, the long form birth certificate) forgery, here is an extensive interview with:
Jerome Corsi (Author of Where's the Birth Certificate)
Orly Taitz (has subpoenaed Obama's COLB, to be delivered by the Hawaii Department of Health August 8, 2011)
Susan Daniels (Private investigator that found that Obama is using a stolen Social Security number)
Paul Valleley (retired U.S. Army general who has had several former CIA agents inspect the Obama COLB, who have concluded it is a forgery)
Mara Zebest (Adobe expert who concludes the Obama COLB is a forgery)
Joseph Newcomer (exposed Dan Rather's forgery of G.W. Bush National Guard documents in 2004, and states the Obama COLB is "highly suspicious")
Albert Einstein Renshaw (16-year-old Apple app wonder boy who produced a video on YouTube about the Obama COLB that has gone viral
And other experts.
Here is the link for the interview:
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  • It is easy to tell its a forged document.  The person who forged it doesn't know anything about history.  They put down that Obama was born in 1961 and his mother was from Kenya.  Guess what?  Kenya wasn't an independent nation until 1963, it was known as either British East Africa.
  • Would someone PLEASE see that Orly gets this?
    If you want to know who Obama's REAL father is. and probably listed as (What
    he's desperate to hide at all costs), and how I know it to be so, pick up
    BRED TO BE A MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE at in paperback or
    digital download, at Kindle, or Ebay. (Or in PDF via email at my website, Here's the real shocker, and Obama may have
    not even been aware of it, since he was adopted.
    We share the same father, and he's WHITE; Obama's mother a black Indonesian.
    But as such, he was not only bred and groomed to have certain genes
    neccessary to create a "Manchurian Candidate," but run from afar as well by
    simple mnemonic hypnotic command. By none other than former East German
    "Master Spy," Gen. Markus Wolf. I was ushered into US Army M.I. after high
    school and sent to Germany to lure him to the West. It worked, and he was
    "Turned" in 1977, not 1992. He knew the Communist master agenda for the
    Communization of America, and it's been counter-run all this time. To
    include this recent attempted take-over at the top. Instead, it's served to
    lure ALL of the moles from the woodwork - And this knowledge will cause a
    revolution that will energize the people to take their government back with a
    A simple DNA test would prove it... Where's the FBI? Help me get this around,
    pls., so I would be brought in from "Out in the cold." I have real,live
    personal photos, deliberately imbedded Security Breaches on file with the FBI
    and Army that should by now have been declassified, and name witnesses who
    can prove all of this. There's even more...
    You'll come to find out why this "Master Spy" of false documentation,
    grooming and political placement deliberately spiked Obama's. It's as you
    say, everything and everyone Obama named will be reversed.
    The above explains why all of Obama's documentation is forged, and
    deliberately faulty. And to add to that, my best guess is that he was born
    premature, inasmuch as Kapioloni is know for that. And that it was one of
    the dead twins from whom his COLB was the template. I'm certain Obama has
    Celiac's Disease, as I do, for it is inherent in the creation of said
    "Manchurian Candidate."
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