Obama and tuition reduction

So Obama will withhold federal funds if colleges raise tuition.  Where does he get the right to start managing colleges and universities.  Here is the deal, the federal government now controls the federal grants to colleges and universities and is the only one now allowed to loan money for college  tuition.  That gives the federal government control of our higher education.  Their next step is not just tuition cost containment, but whether the students they are paying for are  receiving value for what the government spends and that means control of the curriculum .  They may elect not to pay colleges that have Ayn Rand and Friedrich von Hayek on their mandatory reading lists.  That's how they do it, little by little in small steps.

I wrote a book of short stories to educate Americans about how Obama and his progressive colleagues act and  think.  It has been called a Tea Party primer.  Check it out on Amazon.com in soft cover and Kindle version or on Barns and Noble as an e-book for their NOOK.  The title is OBAMA'S SHORTS.  WARNING: This book contains a political treatise and satire.  The text has not been approved by the U.S. Department of Thought or The Reading Protection Agency.  You may incur tax liability from reading it, pending new regulations from Obama's Kinetic Knowledge Transfer Czar.  READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. 

More book  information at www.obamasshorts.com.  The only way to save America is to educate its citizens about our founding principles. 

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