Here is how it applies to ACA/Obamacare, the policy cancellations, and Obama's overstepping his Constitutional Authority when he ordered a change in the Law by instructing Insurance companies to reinstate policies thus changing an existing law (Article II section 1  violation), and not enforcing an existing law ( Article II, Section 3, Clause 5 ) that would have necessitated either the ACA/Obamacare be sent back to Congress to be changed to conform with existing law, or that the 1996 existing law be repealed or changed.
He did something like this previously when he extended the compliance time period for business, without benefit of congress changing the law. Congress still has not called him out on either of these usurpation's of their Constitutional Powers.
Obama and the rest of the Socialist/Democrats adamantly pushing ACA/Obamacare miss the mark on ACA/Obamacare Fixes, was it a deliberate omission on his/their part, or was it done to ultimately save Obama's signatory Train Wreck ACA/Obamacare, and/or was it geared to further his Transformation of America into a Socialist Workers Paradise?
 With the disastrous roll out of ACA/Obamacare with the resultant cancellations of a multitude of non-grandfathered policies. Reports confirm that the Democrats who so vehemently pushed this law were aware this would happen. Guess what else they suppressed; Federal Law Prohibits Their Cancellation.
 Remember when those reprobates promoting the ACA/Obamacare bill paraded so many people across the public consciousness who "Lost" their insurance when they Got Sick? the Democrats could have acted honorably, and cited the existing law prevented those cancellations, and had those cancelled policies reinstated according to the law. Instead they chose to use those peoples troubles for their and Obama's Political Gain, and to help him Transform America.
 I would say that Obama's FIX is at best ignorance of Federal Laws he should know, and at worst a deliberate scheme to misdirect the public from their Legal Rights under Existing Federal Law ( HIPPA law section 2742). It has been Illegal since 1997 to cancel someones Health Insurance Coverage when a person is either sick or has claims.
 That little tid bit was made Law under that other Democratic President Bill Clinton's administration, so the Democrats are either extremely dim witted, or they deliberately conspired suppress this information in order to usher in Obamacare by using Emotional Hysteria and Public Outrage from the public, to push their Healthcare Takeover instead of using the truth to help the people ( Their Constituents ) to regain the policies that were illegally terminated under Public Law 104-191 ( ). That Federal Law supersedes anything that H.S.S. or Sebelius has written into Regulation.
One recourse to anyone who has had their Healthcare Insurance cancelled by their insurer, is to remind the Company of HIPPA Law section 2742, and Public Law 140-191 ( Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 ) and contact their Governors Office, State Attorney General's Office as well as the State Insurance Commissioner's Office with the details of their case, and cite the two mentioned laws to them as precedent to have their insurance reinstatement ordered.
 Remember this; What is posted in the Federal Register, and was not passed by Congress, does not trump Federal Law. There was a precedent set in Cancer Patient Bill Elliot's case ( (Preview ), if you take these actions your policy will be reinstated at the previous cost and level of coverage to comply with Federal Law.
Lets face facts, the insurance companies have reviewed the regulations in the ACA/Obamacare law, and are ignoring a law that has been on the books for 17 years. It appears like they are doing it with the knowledge and consent of the Democrats who passed that law in 1996. It's becoming obvious they are doing it so they could reap the higher fees that were mandated in the over coverage of ACA/Obamacare. You know things like Men having coverage for Mammograms, birth control, and Abortion coverage, and  post menopausal women having to carry abortion and birth control care coverage just to name a few.
Here's a rub, when Obama ordered insurance companies to renew these policies even though he did not have the authority to do so, he never mentioned that pre-existing laws were being violated by the cancellations in the first place. We have a major crisis in the making since it is estimated that 14 million insurance policies were purchased that most probably will be cancelled due to ACA/Obamacare Regulations even though those Regulations are in flagrant violation of existing Federal Law.
Maybe Obama should have followed his requirements under Article II, section 3, Clause 5 of the Constitution ( the clause that states; The President " Shall take care to see that the Laws be Faithfully executed") and required Federal Laws pertaining to Healthcare Insurance be followed and enforced.
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  • possibly there could be legal action taken against him for malfeasance in office for breaking a federal law.

  • He has done tromped al over the Constitution and we have done nothing about it so whats another nail in the coffin!

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