Obama and Liberal melt down - Lies catching up with them.

Obama and supporters are melting down ,as their lies may have finally caught up with them. There have been many and people forget, but with millions of insurance policies canceled and millions more to come the big lie about , " If you like your insurance you can keep it, period" , may have finally caught up with the Liar in Chief. Now, maybe Congress will impeach Holder and some others. Fast N Furious, in which Obama signed an Executive order stating Holder did not have to turn over information about that operation, IRS scandal, NSA Scandal, Benghazi murders, Military Chaplain harassment and persecution( Christian Only), EPA abuse of power, EO presidential abuse of power, Going around Congress, War on coal, (Which will start hitting everyone in the pocket book), gutting the military, Attacks on the morale of the military, e.g., unisex hat for Marines, Insurance lies and Obama care, which is not affordable, etc.  

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