Obama and Castro…Two Peas in a Communist Pod

Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

There IS, I suspect, a very good reason that the ilk of Obama, so many left wing nut-job celebrities and the always light yeacas-1.jpg?width=264rs to the left of liberal mainstream media has been shedding crocodile tears over the death of Fidel Castro.

CNN called the now dead dictator “magnanimous” and “grandfatherly.”

Absolute idiot, Colin Kaepernick stated that he agreed with Castro’s investing in Cuba’s education system, universal healthcare and wore a Castro shirt to a press conference just days before Castro died.

Steven Spielberg once said, “The best seven hours I ever spent was actually with Fidel Castro.”

In the past, Jack Nicholson called Castro a “genius” and Cuba under Castro, “a paradise.”

Chevy Chase said that Cuba is proof that, “sometimes socialism works.”

Over this past weekend, Barack Hussein Obama stated…


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  • Tired of Castro, he is gone, may he NOT rest in Peace. He was responsible for Many

    terrible deaths.  He should Not be glorified at all.  Obama should not be sending

    anyone representing the United States! but We knew he would~

    Also, no wonder they want the Taxpayer to pay for everyones education Free College, 

    so they, the commies can brainwash your kids!  No, no no.  Defund Common Core and get rid of it!!!

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