Obama Administration Passes DREAM ACT by Executive MemoShare62 posted at 10:30 am on June 26, 2011 by Rovinprinter-friendly Who needs Congressional authority when you can govern by executive fiat?“A new enforcement memo handed down by the director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement last week has some accusing the White House of running around Congress to implement the DREAM Act – and consequent amnesty for some illegal immigrants – by executive fiat.The new memo, penned by ICE Director John Morton, directs ICE agents, attorneys and directors to exercise “prosecutorial discretion” – meaning less likelihood of deportation – for illegal aliens who have been students in the U.S., who have been in the country since childhood or who have served in the American military.” LINKMorton’s excuse for the memo—”not enough resources”:Specifically, the memo argues, “Because the agency is confronted with more violations than its resources can address, the agency must regularly exercise prosecutorial discretion.”Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer calls this maneuver a Constitutional breech pointing out that it is Congress’s responsibility to enact laws:“This is outright lawlessness on the part of the administration,” argued syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer on a discussion panel with Fox News’ anchor Chris Wallace. “Whatever the politics of this, we do have a Constitution. And under it, the Legislature, the Congress enacts the laws and the executive executes them. It doesn’t make them up.“The DREAM Act was rejected by Congress,” Krauthammer continued. “It is now being enacted by the executive, despite the express will of the Congress. That is lawless. It may not be an explicit executive order; it’s an implicit one.”The Obama administration IS explicitly running an end-run around the will of people and their representative government. First Libya and now this. What’s next Mr. President?Update: It appears John Ransom at Townhall saw this coming. John posted this on May 12th titled “Crass and Cynical on Illegal Immigration”“The guy who rushed out to get trillions for banks, big pharmaceuticals and unions, practically ignored the topic of immigration reform when his guys ran Congress for two years and could have written their own version.Indeed one of his wise-guys from Chicago, Rep Luis Gutierrez recently noted “[Obama] has the power to make things better right now without the Congress having to pass any new laws.”Yeah, he can just do what he did for gays, unions, Chicago and all of his other cronies: He can ignore enforcing the old laws he doesn’t like. Or maybe he can grant every illegal immigrant a waiver, like he did for his favorites under healthcare “reform.”And Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit asked “the question“:Who Needs Congress?… Obama Rams Through DREAM Act By Executive OrderThis post was promoted from GreenRoom to HotAir.com.
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  • Here is another Obama plan.  Because we elect the President on an Electoral College system Obama will move some voters from states where he won real big to the close ones and also move voters from states where he does not have a chance to the close ones too.  These Obama voters will be easy to move because they have no jobs and are on the Government dole.  Obama will pick up moving expenses.  He has billions in his campaign War Chest and the Treasury under Geitner under his thumb.  Union members who do like Obama still donate to him indirectly through Union dues and then the Union gives the Democrats money.  Watch for more prisoners to be pardoned too and use prison overcrowding and saving tax money as an excuse.
  • i don't understand either dee , i have wrote to McConnell and called and can't get a responce also i've contacted our rep. Bret Guthrie and can't get a straight answer out of either one of them,  on any issue
  • Yes James it is looking confirmed.
  • several news sources have reported this. i used yahoo search and a lot of them came up , worldnews is reporting that obama signed into order last week
  • I have warned for months both here and on the air that Obama will give amnesty to the illegals one way or another for votes as they go to the polls in November 2012 saying Si what a mucho great Presidente.
  • If this true and it and just may be this is ABUSE OF POWER.

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