The militarization of our local police forces continues, and as local law enforcement gets their hands on high-grade, weaponized and war-ready equipment, an authoritarian streak goes right along with it.

The sheriff of Erie County, New York, told the State Legislature it was none of their damn business how they use their high-tech cellphone “sniffers” to spy on Americans.

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Timothy B. Howard told a committee the “Stingray Tracking Device” his department has owned for six years wasn’t being used to tap into citizen’s phone conversations, but only for tracking their movement. And that’s all he would say. The Erie County Sheriff’s Department received the device – and other surveillance equipment – from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as part of an ongoing effort to supply local law enforcement with high-grade military equipment.

He wouldn’t tell the elected officials about the scope of the device’s capabilities, how well it worked or how many times his department has used it.

With no disrespect to this honorable body … the specific use of the device should be left to the monitoring of the courts and not to the Legislature or to the media,” he said.

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  • I would love to be able to say that I support giving our Law Enforcement Agencies all the tools they need to fight the crime that occurs in our society today - but, . . . . . unfortunately, I don't trust them with it anymore!  There are too many incidents of misuse and just lack of adherence to the oath of office that all our Law Enforcement Officials speak - but, obviously, do not mean!  

    Time, after time, their words and actions belie any presumption that they are working for us!  All this militarization of police forces; from Federal Agencies, to State agencies, even to our own Sheriff's Departments and local Police Forces seems to be deployed against us rather than to better protect us . . . I sure don't feel any safer because of it!  How is it making you feel?  

    Is it necessary?  I don't see any progress in reducing crime.  

  • Be nice, he's just trying to win obama's NAZI of the year award.

  • Normally I MIGHT agree with this Cop but NOT this time. When it comes to the Militarization of Police forces to use against the American people, YES it is our damned business to prove that YOU are NOT breaking the law against us or abusing YOUR powers against US. So get your wad out of your pants and give them the info they asked for. The Miloitartization of forces against the american people IS NOT something that should be taken lightly and I guarantee you this cop would be w/o a job tomorrow IF he worked for me. It would be one thing IF we were living in normal times, but we are NOT and we see everywhere signs that the cops are stocking up against the american people. IF they ONLY understood that we are with them, not against them. However,k once its found out that you are stocking up to go against us, you;re screwed. Do YOU understand how simple it is to take each and everyone of those against out would be? Wow, SAD that Obama has caused this sad azz crap in this country. What a worthless piece of crap he is.

  • It's getting scarier and scarier, isn't it?

  • Once Obama gave them tanks and etc.  Now the police believe themselves to be all that.  I guess they totally forgot about their oaths of office 

  • just another "elected" (I guess not by this legislature) sheriff following the laws of government.

  • With use of any technology comes responsibility for proper use just as much as use of deadly force. appropriately. It seems as if this sheriff is performing in a manner much as the current administration and  doing as he pleases irregardless of legal authorized use. Abuse of powers!

  • Sheriff Timothy B. Howard's Storm Troopers/Stazie.


  • New York is 1 state I would leave so fast you would smell hair burning

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