Do you think that just maybe it is finally time to end this Middle East conflict once and for all?  This conflict and hatred has been going on since the beginning of time and will go on until the end of time unless something truly serious reckons with this idiocy.

I am no fan of Israel nor am I am fan of Palestine and Hamas.  Peace talks don't work.  Does anyone get that yet?  This is absolute insanity.  So I say to Israel, nuke them now, TODAY! and get this whole mess over with.  NOW.

It worked in World War II with Japan and it will work with Israel with the Palestine.

End it now.  Send over your nukes, Israel, and end it all with one big bang.  Children, teenagers, innocent civilians are already being picked off one by one.  What is going on right now has been going on forever and will continue forever.  These two countries will NEVER agree on anything.  They each want what they want and that's it.   There is NO meeting ground for either side.  So I say, go for it.  Send your missles and get it done.  Making amends with each other does not seem to be a viable option.

Enough is enough.

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