Forget the "new tone of civility."  Forget that the Tea Party had NOTHING to do with the shootings in Tucson.  Forget the fact the shooter was a loon who claimed two of his favorite books were The COMMUNIST Manifesto and Mien Kampf.  None of that matters.

Now, those associated with Giffords, those who were there with her when she was shot (and who we can assume are themselves Democrats) are now targeting Tea Party have to read this!  It is simply unbelievable.

The Sheriff of Pima County needs to be sacked and run out of town - he started all of this, and if anyone in the Tea Party gets hurt, I will donate money to sue that fat bag of crap until he cant afford a freakin hamburger!!!!!!

I hope they lock this jack wagon up and make him do some time for making a death threat! Arghhh!! I am so pissed off!!!!

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  • Statute of limitations! LOL
  • Gentlemen, I am in total agreement with you on this one....although I have been curious about one thing here question is "How have they not found a way to blame this on George Bush yet"?

  • Arghhh!!! Indeed.

    It is interesting how the ones who seem to be the busiest pointing fingers at others for causing the violence actually turn out to be the primary source or impetus resulting in that violence.

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