Is anyone surprised that the Senate couldn't get any straight answers from Holder on the possibility of drone strikes on Americans within the U.S.? And why hasn't the outcry over this been louder, with the exception of the fine efforts of Sen. Paul and his handful of allies, in light of this administrations deliberately hazy definition of a drone strike's justification. And yet Holder couldn't decide if he believed the President had the right to order such a strike on U.S. soil? Now this morning something strange happened to Eric Holder. Something that no one has ever seen before. He woke up with a desire to do his job. By now I'm sure that you've heard about his letter to Sen. Paul, about 24 hours too late. "Does the President have the authority to use a weaponized drone to kill an American not engaged in combat on American soil?" "The answer to that question is no." Holder finally admitted.

     The President does not have that authority. But then, he didn't have the authority to force Americans to buy health insurance either. He didn't have the authority to order military strikes against Lybia a few years ago. Although he had the obligation to do so last September 11th, but chose to do nothing. He didn't have the authority to appoint three recess nominations when the Senate wasn't in recess. And the list goes on and on. But now we're expected to believe that no such drone strikes will be ordered on American soil just because the President doesn't have the authority to order them?

     And this administration has done nothing but muddy the definition of terrorist. A few months ago Joe Biden likened conservatives to terrorists. Is that going to be the standard? A person's political or social belief? Or some other form of affiliation? Recently Mark Potok, a senior fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center, has sent a letter to the Justice Department marking members of Patriot groups as "non-Islamic domestic terrorists". In spite of the fact that there has been no acts of terrorism linked to members of any such group.

     Gone are the good old days when we were just labeled as "racist" for demanding fiscal sanity, a smaller federal government, and adherence to the constitution.  Now the new label is to be "terrorist". And this label might be followed with another nasty little surprise. Authority or no authority.

     So what is considered a terrorist under this administration, and how is that definition likely to be expanded in the near future? If you're opposed to gay marriage, are you a terrorist? If you want a balanced budget, are you a terrorist? If you don't drive a hybrid, are you a terrorist? If you forget to floss, are you a terrorist? Or is that label handed down on the whim of our "glorious and all knowing" dictator, Comrade Obama?

     If you remember to look up at the sky while you're going about your day give a nice wave to the drones up there. After all, they're still just the "friendly" unweaponized surveillance variety. For now. And God bless America. We're going to need all the help we can get.

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  • Aubrey--I don't think so. All they want is money for nothing. Even Internet 9   doesn't work. When you try to download it all you get is I 8     and they now want to charge for I 10

  • I hate to keep droning on about this (sorry, couldn't resist) but you might want to take a look at this.

  • Folks- when you have trouble pulling something up it might be your browser flash plugins or it might be the browser you are using.... Microsoft Internet Explorer is supposed to always work but often does not. Google Chrome works about 90% of the time and FireFox always seems to work.

  • Thanks for the info Aubrey. I was having some trouble with that page as well.

  • Rebecca - here is a direct link to the document...

    Glenn - I completely agree with you, this was created long before... and noteworthy that it does not contain the dictionary definition of "terrorist" as we or anyone else on the planet knows it.... this document is targeted - without question - towards US Citizens. When I started complaining about it I discovered that the only thing Congress did (including my own Texas Republican Congressman) was write letters to napolitano.... who "apologized" - but that was the extent of their actions... and NOT a demand for retraction which is what SHOULD have happened.

    If you take mr obama's written response to Senator Paul - coupled with this DHS document and section 1021 of the 2012 NDAA - you clearly see a pattern.... that this creature intends to create a situation where he hopes Citizens will revolt - and we cannot do that.

    We must be aware of and follow the rule of law explicitly - (unfortunately) allow him to make the first move towards insurrection. If we do not, we may find history calling US the aggressors and not the victims of tyranny.

  • Jim -You said "No authority for murder by government exists . . . .but folks at Ruby Ridge or Waco would be hard pressed to verify that."  You should have included the 168 victims of the Murrah Federal Bldg., in Oklahoma City (bombed April, 1995); that was another "clintonista dual presidency" false flag - -it had the "withholder's" fingerprints all over it.  Go to your search bar and look up "Ken Trentadue" - -murdered in his cell, while in "protective custody", August, 1995!

  • Aubrey,

    I couldn't get the article to pullup - could you just post the website please?


  • Aubrey, thank you.  This document was published mlessm than Obama being in office 2 months.  The document in my opinion, was prepared well in advance of Obama's election. this document sets the stage, before a TEA party ofm the potential for armed conflict with the American public in 2008.

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  •  this quack obama should resign because he`s not american his father was a british subject according to the constitution he`s not american and can`t lead this country. i don`t know why this man is still in office with everything he has done against the constitution and the american people. now i hear that he`s trying to have homosexuality in schools taught 96% of the people that r straight have to listen to 4% of the gay life style i think it should be not taught in 1st to 8th grade. we don`t need to teach it at all, cause theres not enough people to spend money on that subject

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