By: Juan Reynoso, activist - STAND FOR AMERICA
"Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."
Ron Paul the only honest candidate that was destroy by the US News Media because he do not sale out.
Fellow Americans, the demise of our honor and Christian principles and values comes, when the CIA agents acting in the name and interests of the American people knowing that they were committing war crimes and crimes against humanity they torture many people and killed many by engaging in these crimes and using third party agents to commit murder.
Despite the fact "Senate investigators determined that the CIA’s embrace many acts of torture such as mock-drowning, sleep deprivation, 'stress positions', sensory and dietary manipulation and other torture techniques were ineffective, and the CIA covered up that ineffectiveness by misrepresenting its results to Bush officials, Congress and the public," George W Bush cover-up these crimes and show his support for CIA operatives who had participated in torture, calling them “Patriots” It is a shame that our own presidents foster criminals acts against humanity and destroy our credibility and honor in the process.
It is a fact that the CIA by bribery was able to use a network of countries and run unacknowledged prisons in places like Poland, Thailand and Afghanistan, Bulgaria and other countries. Human Rights investigators have identified (at least) 54 countries that have cooperated with CIA exceptional American renditions, detentions and interrogations in violation of international laws.
The Obama administration has attempted to suppress the report, saying it is concerned over issues of international backlash, but the truth is that he wants to cover up these crimes. The events that president Bush fabricated and was promoted by the US propaganda machinery “The news Media” to get the American people to support the war was done for the only purpose of taken over the control of the middle east oil.
Fellow patriots this corrupt government betray us, they used our soldiers to commit crimes and kill millions in the name of America, our government is to be blame for the killings of our own soldiers that they send to fight all these illegal wars, this corrupt government has tinted our hands with the blood of our own soldiers and the blood of millions of innocent people; our duty as Americans is to seek justice for humanity and prosecute all the criminals; American must stand for justice and no one should be granted immunity or pardon for crimes against humanity and war crimes. It is a shame that they cover up all these crimes for years, the whole world knows about these crimes, but us the American people, the US news media is to be blame for this cover up, because they knew about it and fell to inform the people about these crimes.
Fellow Americans now we know the truth, the cover up must end and we must demand 100% accountability, the traitors must account for their actions. George W. Bush was convicted of war crimes, now is the time to get Bush and all the rest of the criminals to justice and clean our country of the sins of our government officials, we ask the world community to support the American people and demand justice and punishment for the criminals. We the people will not foster this type of crimes against humanity and ask for the world courts to seek justice for humanity. The HAGE and the international court must take this issue as their number one priority; the American people want justice and will not be living in shame for the actions of the sycophants that are in our government and betray us.
Fellow Americans, we must expose these crimes; do not let these crimes remain secrets destroying any more lives; we must bare the truth, and like true patriots, bear the sins of our government that committed these crimes and allow our nation to heal and to hold its head high once again, as we have not been able to do for far too many years now.
Today I am deeply ashamed for our country’s crimes and await for justice that must come from the people as we can’t trust our government to clean our country from the sins of their colleagues.
May God help us and save us from our own demise.
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