This virus is a spook virus, a fraud created out of a myth from a confused  gullible  government that is out of control, and of which cannot get out of its own way, because half of them should be declared legally blind and the other half should be charged with trespassing and declared brain dead; VICTIMS OF BODY SNATCHER SYNDROME, then sentenced to quarantine time in a box car, and shipped to Disneyland; kept there until the old people get SICK and tired of them from breathing good air that belongs to them, throwing  up on them, INTUITIVELY, (hopefully, before they die of old age) until they leave the Country, promising never to return again,TAKING ALL THE QUACK MEDICAL EXPERTS WITH THEM.

Please excuse me for my enthusiastic optimism.

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  • We have been shammed; being sold snake oil, while The Constitution's death has been not reported.
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