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In my tax case before the U. S. Supreme Court, the DOJ: “There is no basis for petitioner’s claim that the income tax is an unconstitutional confiscation of property without due process of law.”  Socialist tyrants don’t consider that the individual has any right to property. 

The Fifth Amendment gives the individual the right to due process of law.

Just prior to my tax court trial, the IRS amended its response to my claim, admitting that it made a mistake (four years earlier).  The money the IRS mistakenly took from me was refunded. After the trial was over, the IRS immedialely made the same mistake again and confiscated my property.

I appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals. It held against me, ignoring the fact that the IRS had violated the tax court order.  I doubt if the court even read my claim. The court probably thought of me as just another crack pot claiming the income tax unconstitutional. The press is responsible for that misunderstanding.  I tried to tell the press. It wouldn't listen.

The DOJ to the Supreme Court: “Petitioner’s charges of fraud and harassment by the IRS are similarly without merit. The charges are based on an error made by the Service in determining petitioner’s 1974 income tax liability…. This error is regrettable, but as the court of appeals found it was corrected prior to trial.”

The Supreme Court, probably without reading my case, taking what the press said for granted, dismissed my claim.

For a third time, I filed a complaint in the district court. Two district courts had dismissed me without a hearing, probably thinking I was one of those nutcake tax protesters.   The third court decided to hear me. The DOJ, after lying to the Supreme Court, admitted that the IRS had wrongfully taken my property. The DOJ told the court it was willing to give my property back.  I received a check.

After receiving the check, the IRS went to my bank and took every cent in my account.  I telephoned the court and requested that my case be reopened.  The judge himself told me he was not going to stick his neck out for me again.  That’s when I went to Palm Beach Post.

An investigation was made.  The IRS was forced to admit to the press that it had been repeatedly mistaken. A front page story was printed.  That was the end of it, as for as anybody but me was concerned.  The IRS continued to harass me, even threatened to take my home. Those IRS mistakes I’ve mentioned had put me on the street once before.

I'm a disabled World War II veteran. You have no appreciation for your freedom. Why are you in the Tea Party?  You don’t believe in freedom, other than your own. Everything rotten thing you get from your government you deserve.



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  • The dragon has turned into multiple dragons.   America is a repeat of the downfall of Rome.  Every great civilization in history has come to its demise.  And why?  The people allow themselves to be brainwashed.  Jesus tried to tell his people. They crucified him.  The people want conquering heros. Dragons are the people's creation. 

  •  Slaying the dragon is never easy 

    Remember that the Blood of patriots must water the tree of freedom

    Watering time grows near [ make sure the blood of tyrants is there as well]

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