Beware of the scorned ex-wife. Newt Gingrich's ex-wife (Marianne) is making all sorts of reckless claims in an effort to derail Newt's 2012 White House aspirations. This is another liberal media sponsored pack of

Newt represents all that is good about America and what is good about the Tea
Party. He's a true American and would go to great lengths to purify America.
Marianne's shameful claims are likely motivated by a liberal media paper trail.

Marianne's shameful allegations against Newt include:

Newt proposed to Marianne (she was 28, he 36) in 1980 while his first wife, Jackie, was in the hospital recovering from treatments for uterine cancer. He hadn't yet even asked her for a divorce.
Newt met Jackie in high school. She was his geometry teacher. He was sixteen,
she was 25. When he left, Jackie was nearly destitute. Jackie had to get
a court order just to pay her utility bills.

---- AND ---

Callista Bisek, Gingrich's current wife, became his mistress first and his wife second (really third, if one is counting wives), while Marianne was home visiting her mother. In 1999, Marianne
had just been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Newt asked Callista to marry
him before he and Marianne had agreed to divorce. The affair had been going on
for years. Newt compared Marianne to a "Jaguar" and Callista to a
"Chevrolet" and said he needed a Chevrolet, not a Jaguar.


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