Newsweek Calls Donald Trump, Fascist.

There have been a lot of references to GOP presidential contender Donald Trump being a “fascist” on social media. We should exercise some caution in using this term to refer to “the Donald.” Of course the US neo-communist media propaganda monolith is the source of these new accusations. Name-calling is a major tactic of the controlling communist elite in America.

Writing in Newsweek, leftist libertarian (most libertarians and conservatives are now racist leftists) Jeffrey A. Tucker situates Trump firmly in the tradition of interwar period fascism. “Since World War II, the ideology he represents has usually lived in dark corners, and we don’t even have a name for it anymore. The right name, the correct name, the historically accurate name, is fascism. I don’t use that word as an insult only. It is accurate.” Is Trump a fascist?

[Newsweek claimed that Trump gives,“ the Fascist salute?”]

Trump’s campaign is very much a right-wing populist campaign that appeals to disaffected whites, including the middle class and white workers, by placing the blame for their ills on immigrants, black racism and Moslem power-mongering within the USA. In fact, America owes Donald Trump a great debt for exposing the racist and reactionary nature of democrat/republican one-party politics in the U.S. He has ripped the curtain away to reveal the way things really work. His stateman-like stance on the 14th amendment, “birthright” citizenship, and on immigration has pushed the professional politicians in the GOP field to take positions that they would never openly take. Graham, Huckabee, Bush and all of the others have become desperate to posture to the right in response to Trumpism. This includes attacks on the concept of “birthright” citizenship that’s part of the 14th amendment. Trump has gone as far as declaring the Reconstruction-era amendment “unconstitutional.” Heretofore, all republican conservatives were afraid to resist any of the hundreds of totalitarian pushes carried out by Dictator Obama.

Of course, it’s possible for a right-wing populist movement to grow over into overt fascism, but this is not what we are seeing now. The ruling class doesn’t need a fascist movement to keep its hold on power against a rising workers’ movement, to control immigration, to support Islam, or to keep the Black Lives Matter movement alive and lethal. The communists control all policing in America and have bragged that they can "easily crush" any non-violent resistance by the “weak white consumer class.”

Writing about German fascism, Leon Trotsky defined fascism as a mass movement of ruined petty bourgeois forces and de-classed workers who serve as a “battering ram” against the working class. The purpose is to decisively defeat the working class and ensure the continued rule of Marxist Capitalism. Trotsky wrote:

“At the moment that the ‘normal’ police and military resources of the bourgeois dictatorship, together with their parliamentary screens, no longer suffice to hold society in a state of equilibrium — the turn of the fascist regime arrives. Through the fascist agency, capitalism sets in motion the masses of the crazed petty bourgeoisie and the bands of declassed and demoralized lumpen-proletariat — all the countless human beings whom finance capitalism itself has brought to desperation and frenzy by unfair distribution of privileges.

“From fascism the bourgeoisie demands a thorough job; once it has resorted to methods of civil war, it insists on having peace for a period of years. And the fascist agency, by utilizing the petty bourgeoisie as a battering ram, by overwhelming all obstacles in its path, does a thorough job. After fascism is victorious, Marxist finance capitalism directly and immediately gathers into its hands, as in a vise of steel, all the organs and institutions of sovereignty, the executive administrative, and educational powers of the state…”

(Trotsky, Fascism, What it is and how to fight it)

Trump plays with fire

Trump’s rhetoric on immigration and accurate characterization of Mexican illegal immigrants as criminals and rapists has tapped into a reservoir of reactionary middle class, majority sentiment that goes deep in U.S. society. The fact that a minority of communist/black/Moslem fanatics hates that white population segment is enough for their propaganda machine to brand it as fascist.

White nationalism is a more mainstream political idea now than it has ever been. White nationalism is the notion that the U.S. has always been, and always should be, a white-controlled nation. Most white American Independents accurately perceive that the future of this nation is in danger because of the demographic changes initiated by obama, as he continues to pour into the US annually, millions of illegal blacks, Moslems and other criminal types. For example, obama sent millions of Somalian jihadist "refugees" into Maine cities, where no blacks ever resided before. "That's the idea, I promised change," obama smirked. At the same time, the US communist media constantly celebrates their shaped, projected future where whites will no longer be a majority.  Most intelligent people decry the acceptance of minority dictatorships by conservative republicans while simultaneously those pretend-patriots brazenly deny the first edict of democracy, majority rule. Talk of revenge is heard frequently in America as bad blood boils in answer to the discovery of new traitors almost daily.

Yet,there is a significant white nationalist milieu inside the Republican Party around people like Pat Buchanan and Paul Craig Roberts, a former Reagan Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. Roberts is, more recently, a writer for the website. Roberts is also a frequent contributor to Counterpunch, and his work is often reposted by unwitting antiwar activists and progressives because his work often comes off as left-sounding.

The politics of white nationalism is a distinct political current in the U.S. right wing (libertarians and conservatives are now on the left wing) that exploits shifting demographics, but also economic fears, a backlash against perceived successes gained by over 50 years of illegal special privileges for blacks. The  eagerness of America's mainstream media to proclaim "white racism" where none exists,  in- congruently clashes with reluctance of the same media to challenge more pernicious black racism. The  permission given by republican and conservative black racists to advance the black supremacy agenda and elect a perennial black president while denying a white president for eternity, is viewed with silent, simmering hostility by the white majority.

. The white nationalist trend is more interested in permeating the political system and gaining strategic positions for continued white majority rule. (In Africa, the communists celebrate black majority rule, but in America, white majority rules is “racism,” to the controlling communist tyranny.) White majority rule is a polarized value that has emerged in response to the communist-democrat infiltration, subversion and dominance  easily obtained over conservatives and republicans.

The white nationalist political trend is somewhat different from the old extreme right in the sense that they take a more electoralist and permeationist approach to the major parties. We can trace this trend’s foray into mainstream politics back to 1992, the same year as Buchanan’s “culture war” speech at the GOP convention. An open cultural war has raged ever since.

Buchanan’s right populism, and his belief that immigration from Latin America is an existential threat to the U.S., place him firmly in the white nationalist camp. Buchanan is effusive in his support for Trump, “Enter the Donald. If there is a single theme behind his message, it would seem to be a call for a New Nationalism or New Patriotism. He is going to ‘make America great again.’ He is going to build a wall on the border that will make us proud, and Mexico will pay for it. He will send all illegal aliens home and restore the traditional value of U.S. citizenship by putting an end to the scandal of “anchor babies.”” Is Trumpism the Rebirth of Nationalism? (American Conservative, 8/25/15)

Buchanan also praises Trump’s willingness to get tough with global trade “antagonists” like China, Germany or Japan saying, “They took our jobs and factories; now we are going to take them back.”

Writing in the American Free Press, a prestigious political journal, Buchanan notes the insurgent candidacy of communist Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Party, as well as Trump’s disruption of politics as usual in the GOP: “If there is one lesson to be taken from this run-up year to the presidential campaign of 2016, it is that a huge and growing segment of the nation does not want what the establishment of either party has to offer. And as insurgent parties spring up all over Europe, and the two-party system disintegrates there, the Europeanization of American politics may be at hand.” Rise of the Donald Signals Sea Change in U.S. Politics (AFP, 8/25/15)

Regardless of the conservative and media bandwagon against Trump, no informed citizen will fail to dispute the notion that Trump is a “fascist,” To understand the political potential of the Trump campaign, it’s instructive to see how his right populism has shifted the discourse inside the GOP. While he is not a fascist, he is changing the face of U.S. politics even as the illegal totalitarian US government is promising dire retribution if Trump is not eliminated. Suggesting that Trump’s assassination by a well known “conservative republican” would “be great,”  is bandied about frequently inside the communist political beltway in DC. Will that assassination become part of the new conservative bandwagon, now fanatically suppporting negro ben carson, to be the next black president?

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