Democrats PUSH legislation to force taxpayers to pay off student loans.  The scheme is to force the Federal Reserve to give loans to students at the Fed's bank rate, 0.75%.  Ultimately, they will write off the principal.  Students signed for the loans and they SHALL pay back the loans.  Students learn.  Teach them the lesson of contractual obligation.  According to proponents, the taxpayer "owes" the students this measure of financial gratitude.  REALLY?  Where does the Preamble/Constitution say the citizen/taxpayer will pay off other people's debts?  This is redistribution per the Manifesto - from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.  The Preamble/Constitution mandates self-reliance not redistribution. 

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  • We have to PUSH BACK and don't stop until the LIBERTARDS are backed against the wall.

  • Prior to Obama's first coronation, my niece had her college loan forgiven, because, I believe, of her disability.  After Obama, her social security disability payments were garnished to pay this loan off.

    BTW, she is White.

  • More redistribution.  Typical of this government, is that the taxpayer must be punished by the fiscal irresponsibility of others, particularly that of the government's.

  • This is ridiculous. I guess the pied piper is tooting his horn and Obama is marching to the socialist tune after the European socialist countries in their free education, healthcare, etc.

    I want to know which Democrat weasels proposed this stupid idea? John Davis we need more information, please?? What Bill number is this and which congressmen are responsible for this garbage????

  • The slow creep fo communist agenda.

    The way to stop it get involved. Step out of your homes.

    Don't be weak. Be strong. Not a step more. The line has to be draw and then push back.

  • No Way  pay your own way  and work until paid off.  Just like the millions before you.  This can not happen.  We are paying for everyone already  health care and Obama's redistribution via food, gas, taxes  we have nothing left.  NO WAY

  •  And the cost of College will continue to rise even more.

  • If I could pay for my own Degree at LSU, so can everyone else. If they can't pay, hand them a shovel.

  • Both my BS and MA were paid by me through loans.  No handouts.   This is just the liberal communist method of destroying us financially.   Government from hell.

  • I hate it when you have an article saying that legislation is being pushed and they don't identify the legislation with a bill number. How am I to check out the veracity of their statement if I cannot find the bill?

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