New York times journalist and author Jodi Kantor recently authored a new book titled 'The Obamas'. The title alone hints of friendliness towards Barry and Michelle. Excerpts from the book were released that mentioned seemingly controversial actions taken by Michelle and/or staff members. The morsels of info mentioning Michelle's trivial questionable actions are far outweighed by glowing accounts of Michelle and Obama in the whitehouse.

The objective of this book was to neutralize the negative books written about the Obamas. However, after the trivial negative comments were leaked to the media anti-Obama people rushed out to buy and/or examine the book, only to find out it is actually a glowing account of the Obamas. The pro-Obama people have ignored the book thinking that it is a hatchet job on them.  So, what is the end result of this book?

Evidently there are more anti-Obama people than pro-Obama people as book sales of this book have been brisk, though of course buyers have been disappointed, having been duped into thinking they were buying an anti-Obama expose. Author Jodi cleverly created a ruse that demanded people bite on the premise that Michelle and Barry did some questionable things but the reader comes to the designed conclusion they are just wonderful people who really just love this country.

In sum, don't waste time either reading, and certainly not buying this Obama propaganda publication, that pulls you in thinking that it is exposing the Obama negatives but in reality accentuates a lot of phony positives.     

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  • Very good piece to read all the way through

    If you have a question of RP's foreign policy then read the section on Constitutional Foreign Policy

    If you do not understand and think RP just wants to legalize drugs then read the section Constitutional States’ Rights

    There is a lot more but these I hear argued the most.
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