Sometime Sci-fi can come up with some very, very good ideas. In the book 'Starship Troopers', sentencing for people in position of authority were different that normal citizens. A Minor crime done by a Elected offical was automatically a felony offence.


It would be great to have the sentence for any elected official at least 3 times longer or costly than the same offence for a unelected citizen.


Maybe in that case, they will think much longer before they vote for a long list of laws, knowing they could be spend years for a crime that could put us in jail for a few months. This could have a huge effect at state level for sure.


Also any crime that includes any jail time at all, removes them for office as well, and if a Grand jury orders a trail, they are suspended from office until trial is over. If they had every been in Jail, they couldn't hold a politicial office, or even Elected in the first place.


I think that law would empty about half of the US Congress the moment it was passed! LOL!

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