New kind of war

We are at war as we speak, but not a war with guns and fighting.  A war with words and knowledge.  Our only defense against America falling is to arm each other with knowledge and to speak out with boldness against the corruption.  If we get to the point where we need to use our guns, it's already too late.


"Wisdom is better than strength."  Proverbs

"The pen is mightier than the sword."

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  • bugging them calling them talking to them doesn't work it may well be time to blacken some eyes and punch some noses.
  • "Using taxpayer money to buy votes from the "moochers and takers". They bold face lie to our faces about "helping the middle class" and they do absolutely nothing except raise our payroll taxes and squander our money.  Obama wants fair, well we'll give him fair.  We're sick of being used.  We need to bug the sh$t out of these Senators and Congressmen, don't let up for one second. We need to stop being empathetic as to what they're doing to us. "Using taxpayer money to buy votes from the "moochers and takers".

  • My husband wrote this and Raquel Okyay from Human Events Guns & Patriots posted this on her Conservative Women website. A Case for the 2nd American Revolution

  • "The rule of law" is an incomplete sophomoric cliche. It lacks specifics and therefore is easily used to misguide and manipulate the masses.
    The basis and intent of law is to maintain a civilized peaceful caring society with liberty and justice for all. Civility and law come from caring about your neighbor and being a good neighbor yourself. Therefore, "the rule of law" is based in "love your neighbor as you love yourself," and "do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
    The problem with the authoritarian statists is they conveniently forget about "the rule of the Supreme Law of the Land," our state and federal constitutions. Civilized good neighbors don't restrict their neighbors' free speech. Civilized good neighbors don't take their neighbor's guns away. Civilized good neighbors don't unequally apply the law. Civilized good neighbors don't deny their neighbors the right to defend themselves before a jury of their good neighbors who seek the TRUTH before determiniing guilt...
    We need a return to the rule of "the Supreme Law of the Land!"

  • Jonathan... Actions are the substance of ones convictions.  They take form only when individuals are moved by their thoughts to act.  Further, not all actions are prudent or advisable... blind and or disorganized efforts to reform government can become COUNTER PRODUCTIVE.  What America needs is leadership that is capable of inspiring productive action in resistance too the socialist's war against our Constitutional form of government.  However, the leadership and resources needed to positively effect reform of our government have not materialized. 

    The Patriot movement remains in it's formative phase, where DISCUSSION and PURSUASION are in fact ACTION... we have yet too ORGANIZE as a singular NATIONAL FORCE for reformation.  The movement remains dislocated and unorganized... disparate bands of resistance operating as independent groups. 

    Until we find the leadership and resourcing necessary too bring about UNITY in this movement we will remain disorganized... operating at the margins of political power.  We MUST UNIFY... E Pluribus Unum... out of many one.  Our strength is not to be found in our diversity, it is to be found in our unity  of purpose.

    Until we find the will to unify our cause will serve only too stir up strife... and with it confusion as every man independently struggles against the enemies of our Constitution.  The Patriot movement must find common ground upon which to build a National coalition for government reform.  We must intensify the DEBATE... to inform the people of the need for unity and too encourage those with the resources and leadership needed to come forward... Too, forge the instrument by which our liberty may be secured; converting this rag tag army of patriots into an effective fighting force.  Then our ACTIONS will speak louder than our words.

  • Thsnks Dee & Jeffrey: Since one verse is chosen by Solomon in Proverbs lets take a trip down memory lane in the Bible, Go to Kings 1 & 2, then the life of Solomons dad David, while were at it lets take the whole Bible The whole Word of God. Lets 1st & last, the beginning & the end the Alpha & Omega our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ. Im not coming for peace Im coming with a sword, You generations of vipers, you tree of corruption, you devils, you speak blasphemy, you are an abomination. I can go on & on, heres a discription of what the dems, libs, progressives, socialist, marxist, commies & muslums are turning America into. Agenda 21 may have started with words by our enemies but its action now, how about kicking God out of our schools started our as words by our enemies, mission complete by our enemies, How about the filth in hollywood movies, how about abortion the murder of 60 million little babies, are these only words-wake the hell up. Everyone here knows the issues, the enemy of We The People have used much more than words, theyre killing us killing our country, killing our kids & grandkids future freedoms & liberties. Words look where words have got us. Give me liberty or give me death-words to be implemented, I see the whites of their eyes FIRE, Were marching only words nope action. Most everyone here is Christian or Jew read the whole Bible dont just quote a verse out of context, Most everyone here knows history & issues of current events. We the people knows what coming wars & rumors of wars, nations against nations. There reachs a point when a person or nation or Christians & Jews cant hide behind words. God Bless & Long Live The Tea Party & America

  • ACTIONS always speak louder than words!  Simply complaining about a problem never solved anything. We must ACT like we did in the beginning of the Revolutionary War!  Without ACTION nothing is solved!

  • War has always been won by the prevailing ideology... it takes more than weapons too move men.  Wisdom has always been better than strength and the pen mightier than the sword.  What may appear to be a victory at arms can soon become a failure where the argument of the enemy prevails in the public square.

    Pres. Regan's era may have epitomized the end of the cold war... However, that war never really ended and it continues to this day.  The war of words and ideas... of socialism/communism verses capitalism remains a contest for the hearts and minds of our youth... and capitalism appears to be on the defense as the socialist/communist work too consolidate their power and declare victory.

    It is a sad thing too look upon our nation... too, see our heritage being rejected for despotism.  However, the People simply REFUSE to do what is necessary... they are to preoccupied with the narrow view... with their personal circumstances to understand how they are linked to the bigger picture. Wake up America before it is over.

  • Start a local news reporting agency in your community that tells the truth. Publish every act, or non-act that your politicians do. I started the AFBC stands for American Fact Based Communications Network. My web site has just up a month or so and is still under construction. I have the AFBC Network broadcast channel and the AFBC Network You Tube channel, all free. I also own a remote broadcast van. I can show up at an event and withing 15 minutes be streaming live. The first thing that America needs is a media that reports the truth. It is true knowledge is power. I happen to have back stage access to all my local politicians, my state Representative and my Congressman. Fortunately they are good people.  My AFBC Network will be officially launched on April Fools Day. Your question, what can you do to put a fire under them. To a politician the likes of Obama, the truth made public is all the fire you will need. If you would like any technical advice or how to get started advice please feel free to contact me. Also I suggest you join the BlazeTV, at $9.95 a month to help Glenn Beck in in his endeavor to report the truth and nothing but the truth, so help him God. The Blaze TV is offering a 14 day free trial, so you've got nothing to loose and everything to gain.

  • Our Founders solemnly warned us that when ordinary people like you and I failed to be involved in government we would lose our freedom.




    Because evil is always hard at work. The Bible says,

    "The children of darkness are more diligent than the children of light."


    Ever since WWII we have been on a path of hedonism and ignoring the foxes in the henhouse.


    Our behaviors have come home to roost. Yes, it may be too late to fix the mess.


    So, should we quit? Or turn to God for wisdom?

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