New kind of war

We are at war as we speak, but not a war with guns and fighting.  A war with words and knowledge.  Our only defense against America falling is to arm each other with knowledge and to speak out with boldness against the corruption.  If we get to the point where we need to use our guns, it's already too late.


"Wisdom is better than strength."  Proverbs

"The pen is mightier than the sword."

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  • Wordwaryor...

    I suggest that you read how Amendments must be initiated... see Article V... On APPLICATION OF 2/3rds of the States CONGRESS shall call a 'Convention' for proposing Amendments, which shall be valid when ratified by 3/4ths of the States legislatures. 

    Congress, upon application by 2/3rds of the State shall call a convention...  Congress runs the Convention and any number of Amendments up to and including a total rewrite may be introduced if a constitutional convention is called. We don't need too petition Congress to open the door for a Convention... open to any number of Amendments.

    Any Amendments needed to be individually presented to Congress... where 2/3rds of Congress may approve and then send any proposed Amendment to the various States for ratification by 3/4ths of the Legislatures thereof.

  • Wordwaryor, you touched on something when you said "There are enough of them that favor our true republic and our freedom to get it done. But down the road who knows?" We have elections coming up in 2014. We saw what happened in Nov. We know what nefarious actions and subterfuge theyre capable of. Obama and his supporters will stop at NOTHING to achieve their agenda. I heard Lindsey Graham on Hannity today say they are hoping to pick up some Senate seats. Well of course we're hoping to pick up some seats. But what if we dont pick up any seats or even lose some? Obamas gun ban depends on the balance of the Senate. The UN is pushing hard, so are China and Russia. (Makes you wonder just what is their stake in all of this) The loss of even one seat puts Obama that much closer to victory. If they can rig, fraud, and steal enough seats to achieve their gun ban agenda, we're in trouble. If you listen to Obamas attacks since returning from his "vacation" with Tiger Woods he has been unusually agressive, even for Obama. Hes goin for our throats and time is of the essence.

  • Mr. Nelson

    I disagree.  It would NOT take a Constitutional convention. 

    A Constitutional convention would be required if the desire was to replace this Constitution with another Constitution, but that is precisely NOT the case here.   It could be done with an Amendment to the Constitution, an Amendment as I said that dissolves the current Federal government and replaces it with a new Federal Government using the SAME Constitution (as amended).  Since this Amendment, like some others is for a single instance to accomplish a resetting of the Federal Government under THIS same Constitution.  It would not require more than an Amendment.

    I do understand the level of corruption and malaise that you are describing in even State and Local governments.   And it would take even many of those people seeing that we are about to and on the very verge of losing our Republic  AND our Constitution to cause them to act in the form of the Amendment.

    My quandary, is that by the time it reaches THAT tipping point .... . there may not be enough of them to effect the Amendment.   It is quite possible that there are enough of them now, still favoring our true Republic and our Freedom to get it done.    But down the road  ?    Who knows ?

    It may also have to involve a grass roots effort by the People .... a groundswell ... growing into a Tsunami ...... that forces them to act.   A 2nd American Revolution ..... so to speak.

    As to your two Amendments (Term Limits and Balanced Budget) .....  not likely to happen, because we have the same old dinosaur politicans up there.  SOMETHING drastic has to change the paradigm ..... something huge and drastsic indeed.

    What I propose is huge and drastic (never been done) ...... but it is within the possibility and within the framework of the Constitution.  Even our Founders iterated that it is the Right of  the People if they find their government wrong and intolerable ...... to CHANGE it.

    Obama is attempting a "Fundamental Change" in America.  (ignoring the Constitution)

    I say  We the People could also propose a "Fundamental Change" to America ..... UNDER the Constitution and USING the Constitution, to preserve the Republic.

    God Bless America .

  • BO and his slimeball string pullers are counting on America's apathy to give them the operating room, just like Hitler, to fool all of the people. They think we are a nation of cowards.


    We shall see.

  • They will awake one day regretting their failure to act.

    Who said that???

    Could it be Ron Nelson?

    Well, I agree!!!

  • Wordwaryor...

    The States are also a major problem... the GOP and Democrat Party are both corrupt thru and thru... beginning with city and county governments, this corruption runs rampant at the State level and culminates with the absolute corruption in DC.

    It would take a Constitutional Convention to do what you suggest and that would be terribly risky given the current make up of the Federal and State Government.  Once, convened a Constitutional Convention could REWRITE the entire Constitution... it certainly could be used to eliminate the Second Amendment among others. 

    It would be much better if we crafted two amendments... a term limits and balanced budget amendment... put them before the Congress and backed up their passage by calling on America to go on strike... stay home until they pass and ratify these specific Amendments... at the same time we could require the removal of the sitting government subject to new elections under the 'Term Limits' Amendment. 

    However, this is all academic as the PEOPLE simply don't have the will to do much of anything... really effective.  They are content to watch TV and to go about their daily lives without being inconvienanced.  They will awake one day regretting their failure to act.

    We must get organized and funded... we need both a national identity and the resources too bring the people together under one roof... too, inspire, educate and motivate massive long term demonstrations in every capitol of our Union... and DC. The problems are not limited to federal power... the States are culpable also.

    In any even everything we discuss is a NON-STARTER without the RESOURCES or LEADERSHIP to unite and fund an effective campaign for reform.  Don't put the cart before the horse... and remember independent unorganized activity is counter productive... it will only promote false hope and give the government the opportunity to declare marshal law, or too restrain more of our civil liberties.

    Any plan of action must be sufficiently crafted to stay the course until reform is in place... not promised but passed into law.  This will take tenacity and endurance on the part of the people... once started we can not simply show up for a weekend rally and then go home expecting the government to reform itself.  We will have to remain in place for months... until they get the message we mean business.

  • John... Getting our country back will not be that easy. The GOP will not take action to contest the election, Obama is a sitting President and the GOP in the House refuses to use it's many powers to impeach, cut off funding or too appoint special prosecutors to indict... It frankly appears we have ONE PARTY RULE.  The GOP has abdicated its power as the opposition.

  • Thanks Gregory I recd the same stats. Everything youve stated is true. We The People will have our country back.  


  • No, there are NOT more for Obama.

    Fraud was HUGE.

    Mitt Romney actually won by 16%.


    We are the majority.


    They are tricking us.


    Like Lenin did.


    Trick them back.

  • Tim ......   An Amendment to the Constitution that "Hits the Reset Button  .. But Saves the Constitution" might be the only thing that will work in a short enough time to save the Republic and to avoid a bloodbath civil war which is the other final alternative.

    It would take convincing the Red States (Conservative states) ... that its ultimately either this choice, or the other two which are  LOSE the Republic,  or have a bloody Civil War with no guaranteed outcome.   So which will it be ?     I submit this is the "Constitutional" way to change the government in a major way, without long slow incremental changes, or civil war.

    I can think of no other major change that would do the same.

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