NEW ARTICLE - Invisible Tea Party Heroes

Invisible Tea Party Heroes

Steve Eichler J.D.

The good news is emerging; cadres of invisible Patriots are empowering the Tea Party, working tirelessly behind the scenes to restore America. The names of the invisible Patriots carry no political weight, they do not seek glory, their acts will never be recorded in history books, but they are indispensible in the fight against the darkness which covers America today. These invisible Patriots are the true Americans guarding all we hold dear, many of them members of the Tea Party.

You see, the acts of the Tea Party are etched upon our memories and will be passed down to future generations in the form of folk stories and tales of greatness. Their humble beginnings were slated in courageous acts just a few short years ago, when the term 'Tea Party' was new and fresh. At a time most people thought a Tea Party was either a dusty page in our history books stemming from the acts in 1773 or a garden party of old ladies wearing funny hats, sipping tea.

Surprisingly enough, one day, as if by Divine design, good-hearted Citizens across America could no longer stomach the vile disembowelment of our Constitution by those elected to protect it.

Listen up, as if by one voice a few said; "I'm As Mad As Hell And I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore." Out of frustration and anger, rag-tag groups of Moms, Dads, Grandparents and Singles, ordinary people dared to believe they could change the status quo. It was then the first idea of an empowered Citizenry was reborn.

Yes, reborn was the memory of how our beloved nation was once a grand country filled with great people, bearing ostentatious dreams. A glimmer of hope raced across our 'Nations-soul' screaming for the rekindling of faith in our flag, allegiance to our nation and obedience to our sacred Constitution. A spark of hope began to glow like a tiny ember fighting for brilliance on a sodden and barren land.

Truthfully, could 'We The People' once again rise up and fulfill those lofty dreams which were penned in 1776? Shall we defy the Washington Pharisees and become the generation which will once again, shape our Beloved Nation, and the world as well? Should we dare to dream? 'We The People' have the power to change, shape and perfect our precious Freedom which was entrusted to us centuries ago by our heroic Founding Fathers.

So instead of wishful thinking, could we once again hold our heads high, bow to no one and declare; 'WE THE PEOPLE RULE!' The faith of the few began to grow, first in living-room meetings, then across telephone lines, cell phone conference calls until bursting out at the seams, we flowed into rented halls and then to our streets.

Silently, 'We The People' began to rise up against the entrenched Washington oligarchy, unified our voices, our efforts and our will into one cohesive movement, not just of people, but of souls filled with the dream of Freedom.

Astonishing, isn't it? Many wondered who would lead us, who would have the foresight, who could we trust with our most precious asset, our sovereignty

Finally, egos aside, as if by a Divine hand, calmness came across the rising multitude and 'We The People' discovered who will be our leader, and it was "US" 'We The People'! Each, and every one of us, are the leaders of America, individually and collectively. The great, the small, the rich and the poor, 'We The People' realized in one spectacular moment, we are the leaders of our Beloved Nation, upon our shoulders rests the weight of our government. By our hand we shall purpose who we are, and how we shall live.

Fact is: we no longer follow the false prophets of politics; instead we follow our conscience that God above has endowed us with. We, each and every one of us, must lead. We will march, we will work and we shall rule once again.

It's simple; the forgotten spirit of our 1776 Nation was reborn, not in hollow arrogance, but in humbleness, finding the 'accolades' few and far between.

I'll tell you, it is with this spirit the 'Tea Party' was forged. In defiance of the status quo, in spite of the 'Nay Sayers,' in the face of ridicule and hatred, the American spirit was rekindled, this time never to be extinguished.

Let's face it, we announced to Washington, and the world, we have 'awakened' by sending tons of tea bags to Washington with a clear and concise message: "Don't Tread On Me!" and the political Pharisees scoffed and said 'it will pass.' We matched on Washington with one million Patriots strong, and the media turned the camera lens elsewhere and said, 'it will pass.' We came again by the hundreds of thousands to Restore Honor, and the oligarchy sighed and said; 'it will pass.' We manned our posts and voted our conscience and dozens of seats were filled with fellow Patriots, dislodging a staggering number of the politically impotent, and under their breath the Washington mob said; 'I hope it will pass.'

One thing I want to stress today, we are on the cusp of greatness, no longer having the luxury of waiting indolently for the next election cycle, as the cabal of darkness continues to rebuild their forces daily.

Remember, we must restore America and not stop until every political parasite is unelected and sent home in disgrace.

A word of caution: Time is short, resources are few, it's now critical for the Tea Party to build the ranks, train the new recruits and fulfill the continuing dreams of those who went before us.

But first, who will toil to make our Beloved Nation great again? Who will step up and say: 'NOT ON MY WATCH?' Who will carry the flag of restoration? The answer, while simple, is far from easy. It is the same loyal Patriots who always have carried the flag. The Moms, Dads the Grocer, Shopkeeper, the Waiter, the CEO, the Teacher and Grandma, for we are the Core of America. It is those invisible Guardians who will never have their names emblazoned on marble walls or receive a brass plaque; they are the backbone of the people, they shall restore America never asking for a thank you.

Best of all, the invisible Guardians carry the weight of our Beloved Nation not only on their shoulders, but in their hearts as well, must step forward and say: 'Count On Me.' These Patriots are not run of the mill Citizens, but selfless warriors of greatness and valor.

Yes, the common American is anything but common, for the true American Patriot is a hero of heroes.

What's more important, in this dark hour America needs Patriots to step up and reinforce the work of the Restoration of America more now than ever before. If we fail, if the task is too great, then our heritage will collapse into a useless fable of by-gone days, but if we rise up, answer the call to greatness we will write a brilliant new page upon our immortal American legacy.



Stephen Eichler – Founding Student Class of Liberty University, earned a Juris Doctorate Degree from Trinity Law School in International Law. Stephen is a Legal Analyst, Lecturer and Political Writer on current issues such as; the economy, immigration, U.S. Constitutional Issues and has appeared on over 900 National Radio and Television shows. Mr. Eichler is the Executive Director of the Tea Party/ and Executive Director of the Minutemen/

Mr. Eichler is represented by Tim Bueler of U.S. Media Direct, Inc. Tim Bueler can be reached for media bookings and appearances by e-mail at:


"If WE THE PEOPLE wish to retain our freedom we must hold tight to the U.S. Constitution, for once it slips from our fingers, lost forever." Stephen Eichler J.D.



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