Never forget this!

The United States is a Constitutional Republic and our Government governs with and by our Consent! Our government has grown so large that it is fast forgetting this important message that was written into our governing documents starting with the "Declaration of independence" and articles of confederation which was replaced with our "Constitution"   Reading Thomas Jefferson reminds the reader that the 2nd amendment had nothing to do with personal protection or hunting or sport! it was specifically written to warn government that the people have the right to remove them by force if or when they become unresponsive to the citizens.

As a Constitutional republic our laws were designed to protect citizen minorities from the majority where a democracy has the exact opposite affect and allows any majority to infringe on the freedoms of all minorities!

The best simple way to look at that is 2 wolves and a sheep voting on what is for dinner!

It seems that the world goes in cycles and governments come and go, some governments are based on freedom while others are repressive.  Young healthy governments respect freedom and old established ones seen to loose that insight.

Are we fast approaching a time when we must replace the old entrenched government ?  IF SO do we have men of wisdom and insight equal to the task like our nation had in 1776 ? 

Freedom is not free !  are you personally willing to pay the price for freedom?

Back in 1776 our founders trusted their neighbors but did not trust the kings men who ruled them?

Who do you trust ?

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  • Great BLOG here.....

    LOCK and LOAD..!



  • Reading some of the comments, such as the one by Herman, make me think a bit about the subject.  If you were to know all the ills and evils committed by our "elected leaders", you would probably be sick upon hearing it, or else you would be one of the non believers.  As to the "gimmee" group, they will always vote for the one who gives them a little "freebee"  and that is what they are giving, as the majority of congress, and senate are getting very rich from their positions within the government.  Most seem to be ignoring the job they were elected for, and are concentrating on passing laws that are for their own favor.  Should any of these officials wish to deny this, remember that they prefer you to give them full salary for the rest of their lives, instead of the social security that the majority of us get,  They choose to give us a poor example of an insurance program (obamacare) while they refuse to accept that for them selves and "allow us to pay for their superior care".  I could understand their having superior care while in office representing us,  )to keep them healthy while in office) but not after leaving office.   This is from the top office all the way down to the newest least active elected official.  The people who do deserve this kind of health care are the hero's that have fought to keep this country free, not the ones that have sent them into harm's way.   We seriously need to clean house, but to do that we must get the free loaders under control.  

  • Who do "I" Trust

    I live in a rural community and I trust most of my neighbors, they understand that good neighbors mind their own business, but they will help you out when asked to do so. They do not think it takes a village to raise some one Else's children

    I do not trust city people , and the reason why is that they believe that they have the right to dictate to everyone how children are raised and what medical care is appropriate and what firearms you have and they demand that everyone follow their rules.

    They are the drivers behind the government overreach and excesses !

    I would love for the farmers to stop feeding them and starve them out!

  • Things have gotten way out of hand, IF (and that's a big IF) someone really wants to serve their country in any of the elected branches of government then I feel that they should be limited to only 2 terms of service, where the terms cross over ie 1 term as a congressmen or senator will each count as a term towards the total of 2. 

    Also they should be limited to an total of only 8 Years as we already have more then enough professional politicians and very few of any statesmen supporting the public that elected them. 

    We did this for the executive office and it would be in our best interest for the two houses to follow the example.


    Since I am unable to vote myself a raise or decide I will give myself a bigger credit limit so I can keep spending (and not be help accountable), or exemption from social security, or specific laws, have a retirement equal to 100% of my working pay (with cost of living increasing as well), free medical outside of Obummercare the tell me WHY SHOULD THEY, SINCE WHEN DID "WE THE PEOPLE" become their servants instead of the the other way around as intended by the founding father?

  • When the Politicians in their zeal to protect their elected posistion forget what the UNITED STATES was founded as , and that they work for the people of these UNITED STATES , it is time to remove these said politicians and replace them with people who are willing to put the people ahead of themselves and and the politics of party and personal gain . We must rid ourselves of those who operate to an agenda and the rule of total power and control . This includes resisting any President , Senator or Congressman who forgets his elected responsibility . We are now endanger of losing the greatest country and government ever in the history of mankind . Why ? All because we allowed one of our Political Parties to foist an illegal candidate off upon us , and when called into question the discrepancies in that individuals credentials to hold the office of President , that party refused to act , to investigate glaring discrepancies and wrong doings . This is not Democracy in a Constitutional Republic , but rather TREASON and TYRANNY . Wake up America , the time to act is now .

  • Stick to the paperwork; lose anyone who can't read!

  • Time to clean house from the top on down. Government is tyranny today. Our elected leadership have sold out to the highest bidder. We the people have lost control of our election through fraud at the voter booth. How many dead people voted in our last elections and how many people voted more than once.

    The mass Media is nothing more than a voice for the New World Order. Our people are slaves to an ever taxing Government that is never satisfied always wanting more and more.

    Today we are face with the choice of slavery or freedom. Lets face it slavery is easier than freedom. Let big brother take care of you. They have a plan for all of us. The Federal Government wants to control from cradle to grave.

    We whom are 50 years or older remember some of our freedoms. We grew up with morals and values. These things seen to have gone by the wayside today. The newer generation have never know what the country is truly about. They don't have a clue about the limitation that our Constitution pit on the Federal government. They were never taught this is our public school system.

    Today this Federal Government wants to disarm the American Public. The reason is so clear why they wish to do this is so they can really take control of every thing. The 2nd Amendment was very clear on this subject the the Rights of the people to bear Arms shall not be infringed. It seem we must do battle for the 2nd Amendment every couple of years. Why do we have to keep fighting the same old battle over and over again? This President and all of our elected leadership from the top on down have sworn to protect the Constitution and they do not do so. This is what is called treason in my book. I took the oath many years ago and that was for life just as they have. We are a nation of laws and the highest law being our Constitution it self. Everyone whom goes against the Constitution should be made to answer for that. Our elected leadership should be held to the highest standards. When was the last time one of our leaders held accountable for there violation of our Constitutional laws?

    Today our military is being asked would they fire on the American people! What a question is this to be asking? What do they have in there minds to ask such a question in the first place? We find out that the DHS has ordered over 450 million round of hollow point ammo. This is not the kind of ammo our military used in a war. Infact it is out lawed. This hollow point ammo is ment to kill whom ever they shoot. Who will be the targets population of the DHS hollow point ammo. Remember the DHS only operates with in the United States. I think the Federal Government is thinking about going to war with the American people. This is the only real answer for having this kind of hollow point ammo.

    We are today looking at the possibility of having a Civil War within the United States started by our Federal Government. The peoples army is called the militia and the militia is made up by the people themselves. The very reason for the this is to stop tyranny by our governement. This is the real reason for the 2nd Ammendent. I would suggest that everyone get involved in some kind of militia and be ready to defend themselves and family for maybe coming our way.


  • Thanks James: Folks James asked a question Who do you trust. 2 pgs of replies no answers, what goes on in your minds. When We The People take back our govt all 3 branchs who do we replace the Traitors with. Many people here at this Tea Party site a few months ago had a slate of people to fill positions in the fed govt-remember. Now you go dumb with no answers. Folks weve nearly reached the point of no return if were to get our country back. Remember some of the names you TEA PARTY members added to lists & filled in positions. Cain, Rubio, Bachmann, West, Palin, Judge N of Fox atty Gen., this is just a few remember. Theres many great Americans that can fill all positions, even if its temp until we can have an honest election. Remember Cain in congress listed 80 socialist commies in congress they must go at once along w/ muslum o charge him w/ treason convict send to Levenworth w/ a rope waiting. No more BS We The People the time for this country has run out. This is 1776 we fight or we have no country. Thanks again James, Wake up America & get some courage

  • Freedom is free. God created all people free. It is man who takes your freedom and claims it's not free.Then when you obey the goverments rules they say you have your freedom which they give you. So you are never truly free no matter how hard you work at it.

    The only time you will be truly free is when you die.

  • Michael Logan

    Your post should be required reading for every student in this Country...I Salute You


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