Never forget this!

The United States is a Constitutional Republic and our Government governs with and by our Consent! Our government has grown so large that it is fast forgetting this important message that was written into our governing documents starting with the "Declaration of independence" and articles of confederation which was replaced with our "Constitution"   Reading Thomas Jefferson reminds the reader that the 2nd amendment had nothing to do with personal protection or hunting or sport! it was specifically written to warn government that the people have the right to remove them by force if or when they become unresponsive to the citizens.

As a Constitutional republic our laws were designed to protect citizen minorities from the majority where a democracy has the exact opposite affect and allows any majority to infringe on the freedoms of all minorities!

The best simple way to look at that is 2 wolves and a sheep voting on what is for dinner!

It seems that the world goes in cycles and governments come and go, some governments are based on freedom while others are repressive.  Young healthy governments respect freedom and old established ones seen to loose that insight.

Are we fast approaching a time when we must replace the old entrenched government ?  IF SO do we have men of wisdom and insight equal to the task like our nation had in 1776 ? 

Freedom is not free !  are you personally willing to pay the price for freedom?

Back in 1776 our founders trusted their neighbors but did not trust the kings men who ruled them?

Who do you trust ?

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  • I would say that the conditions in the USA are worse than they were in 1773.

  • I now understand a man saying GIve me liberty or give me death.

  • We the poeple must let them make the first move than we can do what ever it may take. that way we are staying with in the law.We must beleave in god and what it saids in the bible .Ilove my god and beleave in jesus and think god for every thing he has done for me and how jesus paid for my sins on the cross with his life.this is what is so great obout the usa that that we live in. We are a free poeple and every body can can pick what church to go do what house to buy what job to have what size pop we can drink and how much money  we want to put in the bank . Becourse all and i mean all of these freedoms are being taken away from us right in front of us. We must put this in gods hands and let him to give us the sighn to move when he is ready .And i beleave he will do this as long as we put ower trust in him to lead us .i hope god does this job for us but if he tells us to do what ever than i will do it god is my boss and we must stand with the poeple of isreal and help them in any way god wants us to becourse if we stand with his poeple and beleave in him and that jesus died on the cross for us and ask god to forgive us and try ower best to live the way he wants than god will forgive us  and you cant beat that in any way at all

  • The best defense is a good offense.

  • iIf what i am reading  on some of these  post is what i think it is obout going to the streeys?  Than what we need to do is find a way  to start getting together and i mean all of we the poeple that took the oath to pertect  this usa  and its poeple and way of life and freedom to talk in a way that the  obama army of lets just say vary bad poeple and liers can,t see what we are saying.I am just a old X army man myself from a long time ago but can still stand up and f;;;;;; . You are right about finding poeple that you can trust  I dont know how every one feels about this 111. i thank that we need to come up with something that only we the poeple will know what it is so we can know owe poeple.We can not trust the goverment and there king obama about any thing they say and do.And we need to do this very fast . There must be a way to do this becourse if we dont we wil all be in a  fema camp and most likely be put to death . so please start thinking about this befor it is to Late for us becourse i love my childern and grand kits and i want them to live in a free usa and not under a dictater. 

  • Term limits can be a good thing, but can it also be a bad thing? It would end career politicians and insider advantages but it could also make it easier for politicians to vote on controversial bills by removing the fear factor of ruining their political future. On a scale I would think ending career politicians and insider trading advantages and political favors tips the scale to the heavy side but the other is something to consider too.

  • I can't take this anymore what ever obama wants he gets. What the hell is going on? Men of wisdom and insight. That's a joke right? Rand Paul voting to confirm an enemy collaborator, that is the straw. Rand probably was not old enough to have heard him , but I did.

  • Hey Sarge Steve Elliott that sounds good to me I've been saying this for quite some time now and in my State it's a moot point right now!

  • Palin Plans to ‘Shake Up the GOP Machine’

    Wednesday, January 30, 2013

    "The former Alaska governor says she’ll use the $1.2 million raised through her SarahPAC to ‘shake up the GOP machine’ and unveiled a vague vision on how she’ll get her message out to a larger audience.

    Calling the future ‘wide open’ with opportunities, she shared how she plans ‘to pick battles wisely, and all in due season’ – hinting that she still has a fight left in her.

    Her vision for the future coincided with the financial disclosure from her Political Action Committee, SarahPAC, with records released on Monday showing she ended 2012 with nearly $1.2 million in the bank.

    She blasted the Republican establishment, announcing her intention ‘to shake up the GOP machine that tries to orchestrate away too much of the will of constitutional conservatives who don’t give a hoot how they do it in DC.’ 

    ‘We had an election defined by a biased media plus millions of voters who sat it out in disgust. As long as we allow the media and GOP establishment to tell us who our nominees must be, we can expect to lose. I’m not interested in losing. America’s next generation can’t afford another loss.’

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