Never forget this!

The United States is a Constitutional Republic and our Government governs with and by our Consent! Our government has grown so large that it is fast forgetting this important message that was written into our governing documents starting with the "Declaration of independence" and articles of confederation which was replaced with our "Constitution"   Reading Thomas Jefferson reminds the reader that the 2nd amendment had nothing to do with personal protection or hunting or sport! it was specifically written to warn government that the people have the right to remove them by force if or when they become unresponsive to the citizens.

As a Constitutional republic our laws were designed to protect citizen minorities from the majority where a democracy has the exact opposite affect and allows any majority to infringe on the freedoms of all minorities!

The best simple way to look at that is 2 wolves and a sheep voting on what is for dinner!

It seems that the world goes in cycles and governments come and go, some governments are based on freedom while others are repressive.  Young healthy governments respect freedom and old established ones seen to loose that insight.

Are we fast approaching a time when we must replace the old entrenched government ?  IF SO do we have men of wisdom and insight equal to the task like our nation had in 1776 ? 

Freedom is not free !  are you personally willing to pay the price for freedom?

Back in 1776 our founders trusted their neighbors but did not trust the kings men who ruled them?

Who do you trust ?

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  • Who Do I Trust?

  • @Beverley,
    Yes, I agree with you that FOX NEWS Sunday night special
    BOOMTOWN w/ Sean Hannity was an excellent hour long
    wake up call to ALL tax payers working to support many politicians,
    both Republican & Democrats lifestyles of wealth.

    Over 1/4 of the Yearly intake to the United States Treasury, that is
    4.3 Trillion dollars stays or is distributed to their families and friends
    stays in D.C.

    Is YOUR political representative ripping you off? I tell you, yes! If they
    Are in the inner circle of friends they are truly getting wealthy on
    your dollars.

    How do you think Harry Reid and Mayor Bloomberg got so wealthy?
  • Well said: 

    Civics / government class taught us “Executive, Legislative, and Judicial”, and well those ARE the three branches of the FEDERAL government.

    Executive, Legislative, and Judicial are not the branches of the government of the United States of America.

    Freedom is not free. Liberty has costs.

    THE CONSTITUTION begins with “We the People”, as you read it you find the Principal Branch of Government (We the People) grant privileges in a precisely restricted manner, to our state and our state parses out some of those privileges to our federal government, with the consent of the governed. It is “We the people” who must draw the line when the Federal Government seeks to infringe upon our rights, our inalienable rights.

    Branches of Government as defined by the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights

    FIRST BRANCH. WE THE PEOPLE are endowed with inalienable God-given rights (or higher power, and/or common sense awareness of individual sovereign liberty); Rights (not privileges granted by a government) which are ours by birthright, or legal naturalization, because we are a free people who live in a Republic which first serves us by cooperatively maintaining our rights and governing WITH THE CONSENT of the governed, which does not include executive orders that abrogate or infringe upon those rights.

    It is for performing the service of cooperatively protecting our constitutional rights THAT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT MAY THEN challenge us to: “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” - John F. Kennedy.



    That said, the branch with the most power is “WE THE PEOPLE”. We would be remiss if we allow perversion of the Constitution and stripping of our rights to continue. The second amendment protects us from tyranny.

    This is a call, not to arms, but to action.

    However, if you ARE a legal gun owner, please keep it.

    The right (inalienable) to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

  • Yes, I'm ready but for my neighbors which ones are informants fro HLS?

  • I am ready to do my part.  Organize and determine our future.

  • I trust the G-d of the bible and will follow HIM.

  • where did you find the thomas jefferson statement?if that statement is in the constituion we need to use it now and get rid of every one in govt and start over immediately!LOCK &LOAD

  • For those that haven't seen it, Hannity's expose on Washington DC is excellent, it needs to go viral.

  • Well stated. Today we don't even know our neighbors !

  • For those of you that would "trust" Rand Paul...he voted to confirm Kerry as SOS!

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