Nero Obama

The Emperor Nero, had a compulsion to be in front of crowds of people who worshiped him like a Movie star or Rock star today. He was a crowd pleas-er and anything that went wrong during his 13 years as Emperor was always someones fault (like his predecessor or the Senate) other than his. In fact Nero had a secret kill list of those that plotted against him and would get the people behind him before doing away with them.

Nero, only put people in charge of things as a front, he needed to control everything. so the people he appointed were unqualified or yes men.


Nero also devalued the money in Rome. By secretly having the silver dinar's infused with copper to pay for his building projects (Stimulus or Investment of Infrastructure). Gee, just like today where we have Quantitative Easing by printing more money. The effect that Nero had was people lost faith in the money they earned. Are we on the same road?

Finally the people woke up, and Nero ended his own life (with the help of a aid).



How do you think Obama will be remembered long after we are gone? Remember while Nero was alive everyone thought he was wonderful. Except St. John when he wrote "Revelations."

Source Unknown.

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