By Juan Reynoso – WTP- activist.

The fact is that most Americans are being brainwash and indoctrinate into believing that Capitalism and the neo liberalism economic system is better than Democrat socialism.

Neoliberalism, Is the Republicans and Democrats politico-economic theory favoring free trade, privatization, minimal government intervention in business and the reduced of public expenditure on social services and education. This economic politico theory is the result of the slavery of the American working class and the huge inequality of wealth and income in the U.S. The only winners of this ill neo liberal economic system are the oligarchs, the elite U.S. Corporations, the Bankers and the corrupt Washington politicians that betray the American people.

The Neo-Liberalist,  place money and power before the people,  they believe that the private sector "Corporations, the Banking system and all services including the communication system should be privatized to benefit the investors and owners and   not the general public; they believe that every man is responsible for their economic and welfare and that they do not have any responsibility toward the community and the citizens of this country, they do not want any government controls so they can exploit the community to enrich themselves. The result of this ill system was the economic catastrophe of 2008 and the continuation of this ill system will be the down fall of the Dollar and the world economic, in 2016 - 2017.

Now Democrat socialism is placing the people before given money and power to the few oligarchs and corporate elite that control our country. This economic system is essential to stop the concentration of wealth and benefit the whole country by promoting education, good jobs, living wages, quality of life, health and minimize poverty. The Neo-liberalism was implemented by Ronald Reagan and followed by all presidents, this economic system give control of the country to the oligarchs and the elite multinational corporations to enrich themselves, making millions of Americans economic slaves by controlling labor the income of the American working class and the market place. Neo-Liberalism opens the gate for the greedy corporations to monopolized, control commerce and destroys small business to eradicate competition. America today is a conglomerate of elite business monopoly that controls our economic and destroyed the dream of millions of Americans that today live in poverty and extreme poverty.  The choice is ours; to continue on this path of self-destruction and continue promoting this Neo-Liberalist system of greed and destruction or change to a Democrat more social economic system that will be beneficial to all Americans and not the few oligarchs that control our country. 

Democrat socialism.

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