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"Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."

U.S. Global Development Policy and Agenda 2030 is a betrayal.

Obama’s biggest deception, is the Agenda 2030. In 2015 President Obama, through the adoption of this historic framework, the United States joins with countries around the world in pledging to leave no one behind by ending extreme poverty and prioritizing policies and investments that have long-term, transformative impact and are sustainable.

This is our reality.   -

This is what I learned from my own research and investigation. The demise of our U.S. political and economic system started with the implementation of Reaganomics, “Neo-Liberalism”. The Reagan, George H.W Bush administration ideology to form a system of government to give the transnational corporations the freedom to do business and to increase our U.S. Economic for the benefit of the American people. Today after many years of this government deception, the American people has decided to stop this gross lie and deception and voted for a change of this path of self-destruction.

The Neo-liberalism promoted for the last 30 years by the Republicans and Democrats has given a huge control of the world’s economic to the U.S. Transnational corporations to exploit the world labor force including the American workers for their own benefit. Today we are being bombarded and brainwash by our government and the corporate news media about how great will be for America, globalization "The one world order" This ideology is being propagandize by the corporate news media under the pretense of promoting Democracy, human rights and peace in the world. The U.S. interventions to undermined and control foreign governments were done to benefit the U.S. Transnational corporations. The promotion and development of economic blocks are done by the Transnational corporations. The collusion of the western governments with the WTO, The IMF, the world Bank and the Federal reserve Banks are evidence of this ill coup done to foreign countries to gain control of their natural resources and the exploitation of labor in these foreign countries for the benefit of the western transnational corporation at the expenses of the American working class and humanity. We are the world's bully, criminals that operated with impunity in the destruction of our eco-system and are free from prosecution because they wrote their own rules and they are their own investigators of their crimes against humanity.
The ideology of the one world order by the promotions of economic blocks, free trade and neo-liberalism by any means, must end and all the government, Bankers and corporate officials that are part of this ill criminal system must be exposed, prosecute and send to prison. The wars and the overthrow of legitimate elected foreign government must end;
The invasion and demise of the Middle East, was the biggest crime and deception done by our country against the world community. The September 11th 2001 Project was the work of evil mined people that want to control the Middle East oil reserves. We know today that was an inside job; even when knowing that the evidence does not link Iraq to the attack, the strategy of the war on terrorism was aiming at the removal of Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq.

The neoconservatives war mongers, Bush Advisers including Cheney and Rumsfeld want the control of the oil in the Middle East so they trashed international laws diplomacy and treaties and used our military power to invade Iraq and Afghanistan Using 9/11 as an excuse for the regime change and the beginning of the Neo-colonization of the Middle east that resulted on this human catastrophe and genocide that tinted the hands of the American people with the blood of the millions of innocent people that are dead because our greed for power and control of the world’s natural resources.

15 years of silent and given protection to these criminals responsible for the killing of thousands of our soldiers and the millions of innocent people in the Middle East, not to mention the destruction of their homes and their country it is a crime against humanity that will never be forgotten by decent honest Americans that respect life, liberty and the sovereignty of countries.

The question is; who is worse the criminals responsible for the destruction of the tween towers, building #3 and the Middle East genocide or the ones that know the truth and keep silent for the last 15 years and continue being in complete denial of the truth. The true will set us free from this evil government establishment that want to control the world.

We voted for Donald Trump because he promise to the people of this country, to clean-up the Washington corrupt establishment. We the people only want an honest government, a government by the people and for the people. We the people has the right to know the true and we demand justice for humanity.

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