Natural Law

Get ready for the big fight—government entitlement v. natural law. Get ready for the decision the prophets of ancient times have told us we will be forced to make.

The closest man can get to natural law is what we call the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. There is no rational or reasonable argument against this concept.

Redistribution of the wealth of the nation, by no manner or means, can conform to the Golden Rule. Politicians take from the resourceful and give to those who do not fully use their resources. It’s a great way to win elections but unhealthy for the economy. It is finally bankrupting the nation.

The question now arises of how to help those who cannot help themselves, as though we’ve always depended on government. Would we let our own children perish? We humans are all of one blood.

By no manner or means can we follow the Golden Rule when the collective good is the bases of law. Do we have a right to good health care but not a right to food, clothing, and shelter? With the good of all in mind, what’s to stop us from depriving some of basic necessities in order that others might have their basic needs? If a few fall through the cracks, no matter. All that counts is the overall good. What if we, as a nation, can’t afford good health care for everyone? Going into debt to the extent that future generations will be forced to pay for this generation’s good health care, all that government is doing is totally against the Golden Rule. Politicians expediently pass laws against common sense in order to be reelected. It is foolish to think they will ever change. It’s a matter of us controlling them, or them controlling us.

The moment government decrees a duty to the individual, natural law is buried and bestial law takes over. Beasts live by the law of the jungle. When we speak of natural law, we are speaking of “Higher Law,” law based on reason and logic, a gift of our Creator.

What makes President Obama’s reasoning better than yours or my reasoning? Does his education better qualify him? Obama’s education makes him believe he is better qualified. There is no possible way Obama’s reasoning is better than mine in running my life, but we’re going by the good of all. The individual doesn’t count. By his acts, as well as his words, Obama tells the world that he does not follow natural law.

The Constitution has for its basis natural law, but from Obama’s higher education, he says, the Constitution is flawed and our liberties are negative. From my study of the Constitution, I got the opposite idea. I don’t live in an ivory tower. I live in the school of hard knocks. But again, the individual doesn’t count. With Obama in command, we’ve got “collective salvation.”

The individual’s inalienable rights are based on natural law; government entitlements are not. Limited government is based on natural law; for the good of all is not. The right of contract is based on natural law. Obama took over General Motors, favored the union, and broke the contract with the stockholders. Obama’s approach is the worst thing anyone could think of to help grow the economy. He’s not trying to grow the economy.

The idea put forth in the Declaration of Independence that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights—natural law—which does not connect with Obama’s idea of “collective salvation,” more and more, we see that rights come from the Oval Office, which brings me to the point of this writing.

What about the promises our self-serving representatives have made to the American people? Adding the accruing liabilities to the astronomical debt already obligating future taxpayers, knowing their creation is utterly unsustainable, what to do, live in hope and die in despair? I hate to burst your bubble. That which cannot possibly sustain itself will in the long run be shaped in the interest of the sustainers, while Obama, for the next two years, will freely take actions to strip us of every right we have left. By election day 2012, with our monopoly money being used for toilet paper, shades of the past, we will have a man educated to believe he knows what is best for the world in full control, the individual American citizen merely a pawn to be used, and no other choice.

“In this trinity of man, mind, and God,” says quantum physicist Evan Harris Walker, “all things being aspects of mind,” science now sees the underlying structure of our struggling souls. “We see the separation that lies between any of us and the rest of reality.” We are all of one blood, all under the same God, and all put to the test. Can we the people face the reality that the United States let us down, that this is the people’s government, and now it is up to us, individually, to solve the problem we allowed? The other choice is enslavement.

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