This is why grass roots Republicans must take over national republican leadership!!!!
National Republican Congressional Committee: It Wasn't Courts Role To Defend The Constitution

“Friend, Chief Justice John Roberts wrote yesterday, ‘It’s not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.’ He’s right. You may disagree with his decision to uphold Obamacare, but his point still stands. It’s now up to us. Send us three bucks. Not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.”

Friday on the Rush Limbaugh show, the conservative talk show host received and email from the National Republican Congressional Committee which took the opportunity of Chief Justice John Roberts own words to try and get some funding.

Limbaugh was as taken back by the email’s statement as I was. “Well, excuse me, Mr. National Republican Congressional Committee, but nobody voted to raise taxes,” the talk show host exclaimed. “There were no political choices expressed in this end result. Even the democrats who rammed this bill through in the dead of night claimed it wasn’t a tax. Every poll under the sun shows that the people do not want Obamacare. In fact, some polls show people opposed to it by a margin of 3 to 1. What is this, protect the people from the consequences of their political choices? We need to be protected from the Supreme Court. There’s nowhere to go now.”

Limbaugh continued, “It’s not the job of the court to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices? Really? So anything a Congress passes in any way that they pass it, the court’s gonna uphold? No matter what it is? Because it’s not their job to determine whether or not it’s American? Which is, to me, what constitutional is. Everybody is just laissez-faire here, it’s hands off.”

“Oh, and by the way, if the way our elected officials wrote it doesn’t work, guess what? You people, whose political choices I’m talking about, guess what, I’m going to write something that none of you ever anticipated, that nobody ever made as a choice, and I’m gonna make it the law of the land. What defense do we have?”

Rush then said exactly what I was thinking. “We’re now supposed to go back, throw a bunch of Democrats out of office, hope and pray the Republicans we put into office then have the guts to do the right thing. And if they do, and the whole thing ends up back at the Supreme Court someday, we know all bets are off, because nothing matters anymore. There is no standard. There is no firewall. There’s no backstop. There is no alarm. There is no 911. There’s nowhere to go.”

He’s exactly right. There is nowhere to go. the problem is if the NRCC thinks like this, then what else do they have screwed up in their thinking of what is Constitutional and what isn’t? If you ask me the NRCC and the establishment are much farther to the left than most people realize. Now the question is, how many people gave in support of such a convoluted message by the RNCC?

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  • Rush has half answers. That’s why there is nowhere to go.

    Everyone I’ve told what the IRS did to me has told me it was bad what the IRS did. They tell me there is nothing we can do about it, so quit talking about it. I won’t quit talking about it. The whole story is related in detail in my book of memoirs, In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012.

    Chief Justice Roberts gave us the answer that has been lacking. He has told all of you people what to do, and that’s what I did.

    Justice Roberts’ decision allowed the IRS to look into your health care insurance. If you don’t have the right coverage, it going to cost you probably more than you can afford.  The IRS didn’t get away with its assessment of tax against me. If you want to know what I did, read my book, In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012. My book will be on the market in July.

    I beat the IRS at its own game. The courts gave me zero help, but gave me a record which I took to the press. A front page story made the IRS eat crow.  The very reason you are dumbed down is the press. If you want justice, you have to take action.

    But more than action against the IRS, you will be personally empowered. You life will get better and better. Finally, you will be able to say that all of your dreams have come true.

  • They are all corrupted together right front of American people.

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