Have you thought about what the president's proposed MYRA really means?

First, it is an admission that the Social Security system has failed. That was to be the government's retirement program. If we have Social Security, why do we need MYRA?

You don't. This program is straight out of the Center of American Progress' agenda. Almost word for word from their website.

MYRA is just another sour...ce of government revenue. It will be mandatory. The funds will buy debt and the money will go straight to the general fund and be spent immediately.

Then, those who can't afford the new debt will receive subsidies, paid by you. Then, the government will borrow the money later to pay the proceeds plus the "guaranteed" rate of return.

Their only source of borrowing is the debt bonds you will be involuntarily buying with your forced MYRA. It is nothing but a huge Ponzi scheme with all of us on the hook.

Incredible. This madness just has to stop.

Either we stand up and put a stop to this or sooner or later it is all going to blow up in our faces.

I will fight this and the progressive agenda to my last breath in Washington.
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