My web host threatens to shut down my website uswgo and lies to me

At first I got a little angry at the support guy but I calmed myself
and went to resolve the issue and the guy just hanged up the chat when
I asked him if doing what he told me would resolve the issue.

Yes right now my web host has sent me a threat email that my website is
under investigation for using their web host as storage when that is
not true although I do keep a lot of the generated backup files on
there but only because downloading the backup files keeps terminating
and when I complain to the technical support staff about it they
further cut down my download speeds to less then 200kb/s so now it will
take days just to get it and by then I may lose my entire website and
all my server files deleted.

This is the threat email they sent to me:

Dear Brian Hill,

We have been monitoring your account's resource usage on the server for the past several days and would like to notify you of the following
metrics. Although no action has been taken at this time, your usage is
of concern to the server's integrity and reliability.

The current type of usage of your account falls against our Terms of
Service and Acceptable Usage Policy. You can not use the space provided
to you under our hosting accounts for storage/backup purposes. We have
identified that the directories listed below contain data that is
rarely accessed and fall within our storage/backup policy limitation.

At this moment, your site is comprised of 50376 megabytes with the following folders holding the data referred to above:

50376 - ./uswgo

We need your cooperation in finding a remedy. Depending on your specific
case, we generally recommend one or more of the following solutions:

* Remove files from directories mentioned above
* If you have many sites hosted on one account: Split the sites throughout more accounts
* Upgrade your account to our DedicatedClass

If you do need assistance in identifying the files or removing them, please don't hesitate to respond to this email.

Please note that we employ some of the best servers in the shared web hosting
industry and this notification should be treated as identification that
your site(s), as they are right now, are employing resources in a way
that cannot reside on a regular shared web hosting server. For your
convenience, we strongly suggest that when looking away from Arvixe for
web hosting that you look for solutions that are a clear upgrade to a
regular shared web hosting environment if you do not plan on taking
corrective measures.

Important: Please respond to this email with a course of action or a remedy within the next 24 hours or we may
be forced to suspend your account.

Thank you for your attention and understanding,

Arvixe Server Operations

but at the same time I went to their order page and they say Unlimited Disk Space and Unlimited Disk Transfer and even offer you to have your own
youtube clone on their web hosting for $4 a month they actually have
that here,

Please don't judge that I got a little all caps angry at first (Only two angry
lines then I apologized to the support guy and we both went to revolve
the issue which we did then he lowered my speeds and left the chat when
I asked if resolving the issue would revolve the investigation against
my web site.) but after then I stopped it and apologized and worked
with the technical support asking him what I need to do and how to
resolve the issue and then after I asked if removing the backup files
was going to stop the investigation against me they hung up from the

This is the 2nd time my web host has threatened me to shut down my website. This is ridiculous and both times they claimed I
abbused their service. One time they claimed I sent massive spam emails
to a bunch of people (Violated their TOS Bulk email not allowed) but I
never did that so I assumed I was hacked and changed my password (and
paid them $2 extra a month for a Security certificate for my passwords)
to resolve the issue and now they are threatening me again that they
are investigating me for violating their TOS Again and this time it is
my backup files which they really put speed caps on it then they lie to
me telling me they have no speed caps for my website.

Zee S: Hello and thank you for contacting Arvixe. How can I assist you? If at any point of this conversation, you don't receive a response from me
for a prolonged period of time, it may be possible that you were
disconnected. Please simply restart the chat session through our
Brian Hill: I am now under investigation under the assumption that my website is used for storage but that is not true.
Everything I have done was to put it on my website. All the videos I
have transloaded are from my youtube page because they threatened to
take down my videos and so I share them under my site as a embed you
can check that out
Brian Hill: you can go onto and see all of the videos are embeds and if a video is not it's only I haven't put
it on yet
Brian Hill: Also the only reason I have many backup files stored on my web hosting account is because your download server is
Brian Hill: each time I try to download the backup file it failed
Brian Hill: my account username is uswgo
Zee S: so whats the issue with I can assist you today?
Brian Hill: again what I said above is my response to the investigation against me
Zee S: We do not allow backups to be stored in hosting space
Zee S: that is just abuse of the services offered
Brian Hill: Well it's ur hosts fault the files WON'T DOWNLOAD
Brian Hill: im upset right now
Brian Hill: im sorry
Brian Hill: can you help me get the files
Zee S: how youa re downloading?
Zee S: using FTP or direct link?
Brian Hill: I am using free download manager because the speeds are slow and it takes many hours just to get the file
Zee S: is it downloading using ftp or direct download link ?
Brian Hill: well each time I download the file it fails at a certain percent
Brian Hill: and the speeds are capped really so i'm not abusing anything it is the speeds fault
Zee S: you stated that you store backups because the download server is reliable. Now you are complaining about speed
Zee S: I am sorry but I am not getting the actual issue
Brian Hill: what I am saying is I don't want downloading my backup files to
be capped and let me download at full speed then they won't be stored
in my account anymore.
Zee S: we do not limit the download speed on the server
Zee S: there is no restriction on download speed
Brian Hill: well then why is my backup files transfering slow and download is
not resume supported so I have to keep downloading over and over again
Brian Hill: So I can't get the backup files if it keeps stopping
Brian Hill: Until that issue is resolved it's not possible to get the backup files if they fail upon download
Zee S: how large backup files are?
Brian Hill: in the GBs
Brian Hill: I was wondering if web drive is a better method of downloading the backup files and if resume is supported
Zee S: web Disk is supported in cPanel
Zee S: thats the same thing
Zee S: you can try that
Brian Hill: ok well I am going to try to download the backup files again and
if it fails again multiple times I will contact again and tell customer
support so the problems can be fixed
Zee S: ok
Brian Hill: so was this whole investigation over backup files?
Zee S: it was regarding over usage
Brian Hill: what do you mean by usage?
Zee S: so if you will remove backup files then atleast you will not be storing backups and other stuff thats not part of site
Brian Hill: ok so once I remove the backup files this whole issue is over am I right or wrong?
Brian Hill: and as long as everything I put on my site is on my site and not
used as storage I am not breaking the rules am I right?

then after that question he left the chat intentionally and all I did was try to resolve the issue and not cuss at them and not type all caps to
them and they cut me off and lowered my speed cap to almost dialup or
low cost dsl speeds.

Zee S has left the chat conversation
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Comment by Brian Hill on June 9, 2010 at 12:44pm
Sorry I misspelled abused with baused. I am just a little pissed right now so my I may make a but more spelling mistakes.
Comment by Brian Hill on June 9, 2010 at 12:43pm
I hope my web host backs off. I never baused their services. I do have my wordpress cross post which could be technically but they never went after me for cross posting to my other blogs.

These web host people seem to pull this every certain amount of months they claim I violated their TOS and threaten to shut down my website.

This is also what they said to me:

"We have been monitoring your account's resource usage on the server for the past several days and would like to notify you of the following
metrics. Although no action has been taken at this time, your usage is
of concern to the server's integrity and reliability."

yet they tell you you have Unlimited Disk space and transfer. Even if the legal agreement says that it isn't really unlimited they shouldn't misrepresent their service in that way because if it wasn't unlimited I probably never would have joined their web host so they lied to me to make me their customer and now they are cracking their kunckles telling me I have to pay for a dedicated web server.



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