My representative is one-to-blame.  Politico reports the 22 patriotic Americans who held strong to the end of this latest skirmish.  My own representative, Kay Granger, who was not a Tea Party American, voted for raising the debt ceiling.  Below is her rationalization:

“I voted tonight to cut spending now and raise the debt ceiling.  Conservatives had two options:  Vote for a plan that cuts more than $900 billion from the federal budget – with another opportunity to cut even more six months from now – or vote “no” and support Senator Harry Reid and President Obama.  That was the choice.

Notice how twisted her logic is and the way she frames her rationalization.  She does not admit that she voted to allow the communist party (commonly known as the democratic party) to continue to destroy our financial property by giving them license to again raise the debt ceiling (take more of the citizen's money!)  In another part of her statement, she said we are the ones who are out of touch!  Wow!  Does a sane person continue to give dope to an addict?  No sane person would.  Does one give a new credit card to someone who is already in bankruptcy?  Now that's out of touch!

By the way, the current presidential candidates, Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul, voted against raising the debt ceiling.

The only way to win under these circumstances is to continue to vote down bill proposals until a real proposal (i.e., one that does not raise the debt ceiling) is put forth.  If a good bill does not present itself, then don't vote at all!

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