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All the world wide turmoil over the so call violations to the muslim prophet on the internet/you tube , just might be a ploy to allow the UN or New World Government a chance to make/force new "TREATIES or LAWS"  upon Americans.   It is apparent that evil in the world cannot accept our Constitutional Rights of free speech and/or condone that we speak out against injustice, murderers and tyrants , they cannot stand that our freedom of speech spreads CHRISTIANITY around the world. 
I notice they want us to believe our Muslim President Obama is now hated by are enemies.
However I am convinced that he is very much the enemy of this nation,  responsible  for the deaths of our Ambassadors, representatives, soldiers, and innocent Americans world wide ---  too many deaths followed by unwarranted apologies for US actions and positions, and further followed by Whitehouse actions to disarm our military, with more displayed actions against our soldiers and little regard for their safety or any other Americans.
It is more likely that we have a  "TRAITOR in the HIGHEST OFFICE of the United States of America.  As our PRESIDENT and  COMMANDER and CHIEF"  says one thing and does the opposite, while quietly making some 900 new laws that allow him to declare martial law upon this country.   A "TRAITOR" that is doing everything possible to destroy our economy, undermine our Constitutional Rights , as he shows us that he is more than willing to  sacrifice our lives as he plans to tax us into oblivion.   He says and believes we should pay dearly---how high a price we have yet to find out--but if he gets in for another four years -- I am sure he has plans for our country to suffer much much more.
Our constitutional rights will become  obsolete as "NEW TREATIES" will allow the empowerment of a WORLD GOVERNMENT with authority to "ARREST, JAIL, FINE, TAX and CONFISCATE" everything Americans have. all in the disguise of "WORLD ORDER" and a safe and clean planet.
Just cannot decipher whether both parties in this country are controlled by the same off shore money mongers with the same goal in mind.
Just My Opinion
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  • Patricia, I see the republicrat party as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than obama. The traitors  boehner, cantor, hensarling, and others in the House along with mcconnell, mccain, graham, hatch, lugar, cornyn, murkowski, snowe, collins, brown, and others in the senate are not only enabling and condoning obama's behavior they are actually assisting in the destruction of our Republic. Only 70 republicrats aout of 225 or so in the House voted against the continuing resolution last week. 21 demoncrats joined in the protest. The traitor boehner has brought up bills to raise the debt ceiling 4 or 5 times in the last 2 years, despite his promise to cut spending and NEVER raise the debt ceiling again if we would put him in charge of the House of Representatives. Out of about 270 or so republicrats in Congress only a handful will actually stand with We the People. The "ruling class" has declared war against "country class", We the People. Read this blog articel I wrote last week. It points out how both parties rig party votes to disenfranchise the grassroots of each party. One party wants to sell us to muslims and the UN, and the other just wants to sell us to the UN.

  • Can the Tea party count on any senators or Congress men to start the IMPEACHMENT prosedings before it's to late? how about ISA or Rand Paul ETC.?

  • I am afraid it may be true.  It looks as if our government and our people have begun to rot in place.  The soldiers we have are some of the best Americans we have, but many of them are just as inert as the general population and may start disarming citizens because they think the nature of man has changed in the last 210 years or so.  Like I said earlier.  We need to start a 7 step process to take America back from the ground up.

  • Can anyone explain to me why impeachment proceedings have not been started? I know you can't believe everything you read, but a little while ago I read a comment on a different site written by an apparent soldier that he can"t  wait to get out of the ARMY because they are in training to take guns from the general population. Where in the hell is Congress? Does any of them believe in the Constitution any more?!!!!!

  • we the people,who are the real government,i again call on the nra/aarp/amac/john birch society/all militias,all god fearing,freedom loving american,one person mentioned get out of the united nations,thats a great place to start,a freedom protest/focus/communicate/prepare/plan/refine plan,talking is good to a point,but the politicians/government is no longer listening or cares,the un is a great place to start to kick these musmutts/communist/treasonous traitors/anti american scum.god bless ron paul.sheriff joe and cold case posse,brian terry and family,chuck norris,frank serpcio,and all american veternas/ nation under god

  • One thing the Christian people dont understand is that if the brotherhood takes over there will be mass graves in every town in the USA. In the muslim eyes if you are a infidel then you will not be left alive. They have been doing that for 1700 years and will not change. except for those that stand up for them selfs, the rest are put into mass graves.... Thats Sheriah Law........and thats what all Imans tell the muslims to do...

  • I agree w/Ron. I think that even though Obama said he paid no heed to Rev Wright's sermons , he told us a fib. Rev. W. does not like America & I think that his favorite guy has followed suit. I also believe the terrorists would like to have Mr. Obama reelected ; they want a person who makes America look & become weak. Mr O. wants us to put all our trust in the UN & not be able to fight for ourselves. I think he would like to turn our military over to UN control.....As I have said before...WE MUST FIRE HIM!  ( I do not see Gov. Romney bowing to anyone in the Arab world)

  • MB is the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • Hi Carl...Sorry, did I miss something?  What is an MB Operative?  Thanks

  • I believe you are correct.   I also believe it does not matter whether the controllers are one, one group, or various sources. 

    What matters is the actions we take to stop the slide.

    1. Pray, meditate, visualize, or whatever you do to stay focused and balanced every day.

    2. Stay positive.  Do not try to Nag others into action.  Encourage them to improve their world!

    3. Tell everyone that the most important thing they can do is LOCAL.  Once you send a representative out of your local area, that person will need the support of good people to stay good.

    4. Never Support a Liar!... Liars take your vote, think of you as an idiot, and then push their limits of exploitation.

    5. Vote for the least evil candidate for President that you think may win. (Probably Mitt this time.)

    6. On the LOCAL level, vote for Conservative, Honest, Smart people from what ever party they happen to be in.  The important thing is that they gain support and respect in the local area and back others who are conservative, smart and honest!  This is the only way to fill our government with honest people!

    7. If you do not believe the Presidential Candidate is REALLY honest, Plan on putting at 3rd Party candidate in for 2016! 

    At the end of the day... Pray we don't get fooled again!

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