My prediction on LAX shooting

Okay, you heard it hear first. The president, Feinstein, Bloomberg and others will, once again, preach gun control over this incident. That is a given.

My prediction is; it will later be discovered that the perpetrator will have had a liberal background.

Gun control needs to apply to them not, conservatives.

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  • The AP has reported that the shooter was a pissed off Patriot. Yes, they want to tie Tea Party and others to this  criminal offense.  Of course, Obama and the lefties will use this and every incident to call for gun bans or incremental restrictions to do the same thing over time 

  • I think you are right. One question is as guns are banned from the airport as they are at public schools how could this happen. Gun free zones are really free fire zones and dumb.

    We protect banks and our money why not schools? Criminals do not follow the law.

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