My pledge in Washington

I have signed and pledge my support to America's Party Leadership Pledge, indicating that I am fully committed and accountable to upholding the following principles and purposes:

• We're One Nation Under God.
•The first sworn duty of every officer of government is to protect the God-given, unalienable rights to life, liberty, and private property of every person, from creation to natural death.
...The God-given institution of one man-one woman marriage and the natural family must be protected.
•The right of the people to Keep and Bear Arms shall not be infringed.
•Our national sovereignty, security, and borders must be defended.
•Our republican form of representative self-government must be adhered to.

We need to restore our Constitutional Republic. Now is not the time to be timid or fearful.

I pledge to you "my life, my fortune and my sacred honor" that I will stand and fight for your Rights everyday in Washington.
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