In the face of this Global Warming farce, don't forget to turn all your lights ON tonight at 8:30, as we did last year. Think where we were one year ago tonight -- still pretty new to what was about to happen. Before all the TEA Party rallys, before all the townhalls, before the 912 March on DC, and before witnessing the corruption going on behind closed doors in our government. Boy, are we a different country today.


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  • My 'favorite' deceitful thing Gore does is he leads investment groups that try to profit from the legislative global-warming frenzy that he himself amplifies.

    How high was that global sea-level rise again, Al? 20 feet by 2050? Shouldn't that be starting pretty soon now?
  • Right you are, Dave. He's such a lying, deceiptful jerk.
  • And you know Gore is Too Important to turn his off, just like last year, so he's helping us balance the load too!
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