The following is a letter I wrote to my School District in my home town. I would like to make it an OPEN LETTER to every School District in every State of the Union. I removed my town's name because this letter could represent any town in any County in any State. And I want it shared across this Nation because it represents what made us once a Great Nation...November 15, 2009...Thirty years ago my husband and I brought our family to Small Town, USA in the hopes of raising them in a small town with good people who lived sturdy, positive, Christian lives. My children indeed grew up with all that and more. When my last child graduated I was no longer able to watch the community change except to see more traffic in town and many faces I did not recognize.Then my granddaughter entered the school district and once again I was thrust into the life of my community. Several years ago, upon entering the elementary school during the “Christmas Season” I was struck by the austere nature surrounding me. It was quite a tremendous difference from the days my own children walked those halls covered with the sights and sounds and merriment of the Christmas Season. But this day, along the walls every so often I would see Happy Wonderland signs (what was that)... how could there be a Happy Wonderland when there was nothing throughout the halls to “wonder about”. I proceeded down the stairs to where the “Wonderland Shop” was located and when I entered the room I was succumbed by the bleakness of it all. I could barely help my granddaughter choose a thing or two to buy her dad and grandfather and other family members. There were cafeteria tables strewn with “junk”. Nothing else... just junk and no sign of WHY it was all there. The cold, bleakness was engulfing me.When we were finished, my granddaughter wanted me to see the Christmas layout on the table outside the principle’s office. I thought, okay, at least there will be something that the school did to awe and inspire the children. But unfortunately, what lay before me, encircled my heart with sadness... I saw the Menorah celebrating Hanukkah, I saw the Kinara Candles and other symbols of the Kwanzaa religion (a new religion created by an activist felon in the late 60's), but I did not see the symbol of Christianity (the religion which is the basis of the founding of this country). Oh, there were candy canes and little Santa’s and tiny replicas of Christmas Trees, but these things are not the symbol of the Birth of Jesus Christ... Christmas is the celebration of the Birth of Jesus Christ yet there was no Nativity in sight on that cafeteria table sitting in front of the Principle’s office.My heart grew heavy, my soul grew cold... political correctness had hit my Small Town and it’s schools. Lack of common sense had hit my Small Town and it’s schools. Fear of the ACLU had hit my Small Town and it’s schools. When Eric Holder took his position as Attorney General and stated that this country was a country of cowards... I thought, how right he is. We are a country of cowards, our founding fathers are turning over in their graves watching all they built being dismantled. For too long WE THE PEOPLE have tolerated the loss of more than our freedoms. We have tolerated the loss of our legacy. A legacy of love, wonderment, merriment, and truth about the Christian faith that has laid the foundation of this country and has seen it through the worse of times and the best of times. Callously it has been thrown out, stepped on and forgotten. Throughout the history of this country it has been the Christian Faith that has laid the groundwork for every child given an education. It has been the Christian Faith in our schools that has taught them respect, consideration, responsibility, honor, integrity and so much more. Without these morals of Christianity being upheld, is it any wonder what is causing the problems schools are experiencing with their students. After all, children learn by example and the Christian Faith and respect of the Christian Faith espouses good example like no other. Without God, without the Christian Faith, we as a people, as a country are destined to failure.I know you are probably asking... why did she wait all these years to write? I wanted to and I thought about it, and the list of reasons is long. But then when people tolerate for too long and begin to feel trampled and depressed by “powers that be”, whomever they are, it takes one incident that spurs their anger and their strength to fight. For me, that happened last week when my granddaughter brought home a catalogue. A catalogue to buy gifts, wrapping paper, ribbons and bows, candy, every item possible to celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ, every item possible to celebrate Christmas.I can’t begin to tell you the disgust I felt. What hypocrisy, what horrible messages are being taught our children. You are telling our children... We as educators cannot have you “know” a Man of love, a Man of strength and goodness, and forgiveness, and sacrifice... You can’t know Him, it’s not allowed, but we your educators can “profit” from THE CELEBRATION OF HIS BIRTH. MY GOD, why have they forsaken Me. Remember those words? You’d better remember, because one day you will have to answer HIM.The people of this Country, this State and every other State, this town and every other town, this school district and every other school district, should hang their heads in shame and ask forgiveness of Our Lord and forgiveness of the children you are taking so much from. The people of all above should spend these days rethinking what it means to be a Christian, what it means to spread HIS love, HIS goodness, HIS strength and all HE stood for.I am sad for the children of our nation. I am sad for those who silently tolerate what the minority heaps upon we the majority. And I am frightened for a country whose soul is being darkened by the evil of few.WE THE PEOPLE of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.My question to you is... just who or what gives us Blessings of Liberty... Since you have all forgotten I will tell you... Our Creator gives us Blessings of Liberty... Our Lord God and no one else. Embrace it as did Our Founding Fathers.
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