My Last Letter to the GOP

The Obama Administration and the left is successfully perpetrating their goal of transitioning the Republic of the United States of America into the New Socialist Peoples Republic of The United Stated of America. They have blatantly and with great pride ignored their oath to protect the constitution. They are resolved to turning this country into another ambiguous 2nd world nation. They hate the old America and the founding principles that it was created on. I say “old” because we have already lost our language borders and culture; our identity and the values this country was founded on. Americans have lost their right to privacy, illegal search and seizure and now with NDAA our due process and our freedom of speech. Based on the current push to crush the second amendment I can only guess the Republicans will fold like a wet leaf. This has been their track record as of late. They will go down in history as the “ Great Capitulaters”. The Republic fell on their guard. They are sold out as easily as a teenage boy buying his first car. The left sets its sites on a relative goal or a break-even point and then they introduce legislation so ridiculous it would probably not pass. They use their cold war equivalent propaganda machine to up sell it to the American public and then they put the Republicans on the spot where they are forced to capitulate striking down the worst of the legislation but allowing the left to achieve their break-even point and/or goal and sometimes even more so. It has happened so often now and is so obvious that I firmly believe the Republican Party is a covert wing of the Democrats which exists to pacify conservatives into thinking they have some type of representation a political Trojan horse if you may. It is a sad and hard reality that in my lifetime I have witnessed the fall of this great Republic and now must live the latter part of my life under a rule of Tyranny. You-all will go down knowing in your hearts that you sold out the Constitutional United States of America. You are fired! Long live the Republic! Long Live the Tea Party!

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