In the beginning, all of Gods life creations formed colonies, packs, groups. etc.  As these groupsd were formed, they were subject to various types of leadership.  Those who wished to assume the role of leader came from two basic types, those who strove for self indulgent positions of power over their peers purely for selfish gratification and those who saw a need to improve the living situations of their neighbors.  The selfish power mongers were cruel dictators,  thugs and murderers who demanded blind loyalty and total acceptance of their selfish ambitions and desires and ruled with vast army's of unprincipled beings who were granted certain small privileges for further the domination of the leaders "subjects"


As those beings grew tired fo being trampled on, raped and tortured, they began to fight back- hence the birth of politician.


There were a few leaders who believed in the tenants of our creators doctrine, these leaders and their followers were subjected to public public scorn, torture and death.  The followers of Jesus were fed to the lions among other atrocities.  In Spite of the efforts of the tyrants, christianity grew to evenrtualy become a force for good and the doctrinal tenants of christianity were outlined in the ten commandments.


I therefore declare that I have committed my self to the tenants of our creaotors doctrine as the supreme law above all other laws.  When the laws of man conflict or impede those tenants, I refuse to capitulate to those political forces who attempt to control my beleifs or to silence me in my testemony to me God.


The United states of America was c reated under God but has strayed from the tenants of his doctrine, therefore I refuse any allegence to any political group and will respect only those actions that are compatable to the doctrine of our creator.  I will stand proudly with those early christians who were tortured and thrown to lions. I will place my allegence to God first, I will not worship any political false god but I will pray for them to make their peace with he who has created them and will welcome them if I meet them in heaven.     


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