My Black Dad and Chick-fil-A

4063550428?profile=originalI jump on every opportunity to respectfully challenge my 84 year old black dad's loyalty to Obama. Dad has been a Christian pastor over 50 years. He lives in Maryland and I live in Florida. I called Dad to ask if he participated in Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day. He said, no he had not heard about it. Then, he added, “All I know is Chick-fil-A discriminates against gays.”

Folks, I was outraged. Struggling to keep my composure, I passionately said, “Dad, that is a lie! You have got to stop getting your news from the mainstream media!”

I went on to explain to my dad what the protest and appreciation day were really about. Dad was shocked. He does not support same-sex marriage. Dad was pretty grossed out when I told him that in retaliation homosexuals have planned a “kiss-in” at Chick-fil-A restaurants.

I also took the occasion to inform Dad that black pastors across America have organized to protest Obama's support of same-sex marriage. Again, Dad knew nothing about the black pastor's protest.

At my local Chick-fil-A restaurant, Mavis and I were the only blacks there in support of the protest, amongst hundreds of white Christians and Tea Party patriots.

So what is going on? Why is the truth not getting to a majority of black Americans? I fault a majority of black media outlets and the mainstream media.

For the most part, conservative talk radio is a white thing. Even black conservative radio talk show hosts have a mostly white following.

How do we get the truth to black America? Since I am writing about this problem, one might assume I have a solution. Well, I do not, and it frustrates me.

My conversation with Dad was yesterday. He called me at 9AM this morning. “Why haven't I heard about what Christians were doing in support of Chick-fil-A?” I told Bad the reason is because the mainstream media, where he gets his news, is in the pocket of the socialists/progressives who embrace same-sex marriage. The mainstream media (CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC) gave the phenomenon minimal coverage.

Dad was surprised to learn that all who oppose same-sex marriage are branded bigots and haters by his beloved Democratic Party and the mainstream media. Dad said he does not hate or judge anyone. However, the Bible says homosexuality is wrong. He must stand on the Word of God.

Patriots, my excitement was overwhelming. For years I have been waiting for the correct moment and approach to “respectfully” tell Dad that his blind loyalty to Obama and the Democrats contradicts everything he has stood for and taught me. The moment was miraculously here. Dad was on the phone, asking questions and listening.

My mind was racing, “OK! OK! How can I give him a history lesson and Conservatism vs Liberalism 101 in as few words as possible?” I thought, “Calm down and take it slow.”We talked for an hour.

Dad did not know that not only did Obama say that he supports same-sex marriage, but he vowed to be an advocate of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities. Dad told me to send him the link, which is pretty amazing, considering I have not been successful getting dad to check his email.

Dad was unaware that the Democratic Party is considering making same-sex marriage a part of its platform.

I explained to Dad that the mainstream media spins the truth and, in many cases, lies to support its socialist/progressive anti-Christian anti-God agenda.

For example: Dad heard from his media sources that Republicans, Christians, and Conservatives are trying to ban contraception for women. Yes, Dad was familiar with the reported “War on Women”.

I told Dad no one is trying to stop women from obtaining birth control. Contraception is cheap – available at Walmart for five bucks. I explained that under Obama Care, Christian institutions and Christians will be forced to fund contraception and abortion services against their will and their faith. Again, Dad was shocked. Dad said he does not want to fund such services.

My 84 year old dad joined the Democratic Party in his youth, believing it to be for the hard working little guy. I informed Dad that that Democratic Party no longer exists. In short, spoiled-brat old hippies run the Democratic Party today.

A majority of the Democratic Party leadership are far-left liberals who hate America and believe that man can fix every problem. God is an imaginary being clung to by ignorant, bitter, and racist middle Americans. These Democrats believe they are intellectually superior – and thus far better-qualified to manage our lives. This is why the Democratic Party seeks ever-expanding governmental controls over our behavior. Outrageously, death panels in Obama Care even give government power to decide who lives and who dies.

In response to the socialists/progressives' disbelief in God, Dad, a preacher over 50 years, said, “Your house had a builder. I did not see him. Nor do I know him. But I know he exists. Man also had a builder.”

Dad ended our conservation with “I'm going to Chick-fil-A today to spend some money.”

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American


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  • I too know some people who say that they are both democrats and Christians.  Perhaps your dad and people like him fall into a similar group. My friends who are democrats and are Christians seem to vote the way they do for certain reasons. You can examine their reasons to see why they would consider voting to keep Mr. Obama in the White house:

    Many are pro-life (is it even possible to be a pro-life dem?) but do not see abortion as a prioritizing issue. they will not stand for it, see it as infanticide, but believe that their vote cannot impact that issue, that Roe v. Wade is here to stay and is better than something worse

    They do not see homosexuality as an issue that must be confronted legally, but rather within the church, in a gracious and loving manner (still, this doesn't seem to be a priority, they would rather not seem or be discriminatory) 

    Issues they prioritize are welfare, social security, medicare (now too Obamacare), immigration reform, social justice issues and environmental protections. They believe they should be good stewards of the earth, and protect the environment from man made hazards. They seek to aid the poor, veritable 'orphans and widows' by encouraging a safety net for the poor through governmental programs like welfare and obamacare. Illegal immigrants are seen as people needing a home, not invaders, so these democrats want to allow them to stay. They do not think welfare queens are a reality that really requires attention, and seek to alleviate the social condition of different races.

    They also don't think tax cuts are the answer and think economically it makes sense to tax the rich '1%' which they believe will not be damaging to job creators, as the so called 'super rich' do not cease hiring due to high tax margins. 

    Those are their arguments, and I've been in many discussions with people who think different ways. 

    Personally, I think Chik-fil-A makes a tasty sandwich, and is a private corporation with a CEO who has free speech to say whatever he believes, and so whatever your views on gay marriage, i think the sandwich is independent of any perceived 'bigotry' or 'hate.' 

  • I hope everyone that is not gettting the truth by watching cnn and the other bias tv stations to listen to the right sources, That is the problem too many people are not getting the facts. Seems they listen to barry but do not understand what he is saying. If they would really listen they wouldhear his lies.

  • Sometime around a year ago, I was listening to a talk radio program on my truck radio. Herman Cain was the guest speaker. I still remember the essence of that conversation. It seems that the subject had to do with how the democratic party has hoodwinked the black community on a grand scale into believing that the democratic party was the only true friend of the black man.  Then he systematically tore apart that argument exposing many faults and flaws in the democratic party.  But one thing that caught my attention was a well spoken and articulate explanation of how the democratic party trys to make many of it's gains by opening up old wounds, inciting bitterness and anger.  Also Mr. Cain brought up an issue of the democratic party courting the black population as a whole rather than as a population of individuals.

    Now I can only speak about my impressions, and what I remember, but I do remember he spoke specifically of the democratic party's policy pushing the myth that it is a black thing to go democrat.Until that kind of mindset can somehow be broken,  the democratic party will continue to consider the black community as thier own private domain.

    Now one of the commentators (Sammys Dad) mentioned how the Jewish population just can't seem to break away from seriously flawed ideology .  Unfortunately this seems tho be true, but was not always so.  My son in law and I have often discussed Jewish matters.  He a New York Ashkenazy, and I with Sephardi ancestry have some interest in the history or our ancestors and affairs of the Jewish people. The Sephardaim of ancient times were very pious and paid great heed to the Torah, and reverence for G-d.  On the other hand, my son in law had great grandparents in Russia who were very religious and conservative.  Somehow the marxists were able to pull Jewish souls away from the essence of what they were to be as a people. The Jews were described as a people choosing to adhere to a covenant that their fathers believed in for thousands of years. The leftist secular Jews have lost that. Often one wonder why such people even claim affinity with Judaism. They no longer believe in the God of Israel. Leftist do not believe in the morality of the Torah. They do not believe in Tanach, or Cotevim of the prophets.  Yet if you look, there are moral Jews appearing on conservative talk shows, and taking political action on just and righteous causes.

    In short, things can change for the good of all peoples.  Your father believes in the righteous God. That same God can lead his people as a good shepherd leads his flock.  

  • How much longer before saying you don't support homosexuals and their lifestyle becomes a hate crime?  It is getting ridiculous, the left lies and calls the TEA party names and assassinates our character.  We need to find out who supports these politicians on the left and pull our support from their businesses.  I believe we have shown our financial power with the Chic fil a appreciation day.

    Have all you Christians stopped shopping at JC Penny?  I have.  Let's pull the plug on these companies that do support those who support the homosexual lifesty

  • Goes to prove we're never to old to learn. I hope dear old dad enjoys his Chick-Fil-A.

  • Wow!  I've admired Lloyd Marcus (How could a Floyd, which is the Anglicized version of Lloyd, not like a Lloyd?) for over a year now, but this is his best post yet.  It's honest, visceral, down-to-earth, and insightful.  To Lloyd: Keep up the good work, and give your Dad a hug for us the next time you're with him.  God bless you both.  Oh, and Lloyd, a suggestion on how to get the word out is through the Coalition of African-American Pastors headed by William Owens.  Their website is -- pass that along to your Dad and as many other African-Americans who are willing to be challenged in their lifelong belief in FDR's Democrat Party, which as you point out, no longer exists.

  • Shirley Williams is correct.  It starts in the black churches, we need more Church leaders to understand the importance of educating Black Christians.  More than ever we need to embrace those in the predominantly black churches.  We have the begin reaching accross the streets and across the aisles and pews if we ever hope to make a dent into the democratic strangle hold.

    The propaganda is so strong, you can't convince one African-American that abortion was conveniently directed to control the black population in the United States.

    Until all Christians are united against the evils of the globalist we will surely lose the war.

  • Amen and amen!!!

  • It should start in the Black churches. I listen to Joshua's Trail on talk stream live and we need more of him. He is trying to educate the blacks on who the real racists are and explains the history of the Dems. It is hard doing it one person at a time. My grandson brings his teen friends to my home a lot. I make them listen to whatever talk show host I am listening at the time they are eating of course. I have been presently surprised at how many of these kids and their parents do not like Obummer.

  • It has always puzzles me why blacks and Jews continue to back the seriously flawed ideology of the Democratic party. Yes, the MSM is one enormous prevaricator (not a spinner of truth since truth is not in their vocabulary) of any issue that may expose their bigotry, greed, and lust for power. It is time for America to eliminate the MSM's sick and disdainful attempt to cloud every issue possible in order to paint the Democrats as riding a white horse into battle. Their continued attempts to establish class warfare and envy during the last 3.5 years is disgusting, as well as gender and race cards being dealt from the bottom of the deck. There is, in fact, nothing positive that has come from Obama and his minions except one thing; America is learning that Obama is a liar and that the Democrats are, indeed, only for themselves and no one else. I hope America learns faster than 2008 for 2012.

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