My Awakening 2012

For eleven years I've been hacking at the branches of America's woes, searching for a place to strike the root.   So often I thought I knew the answers, until they seemed too simple.  So many factors muddied the water which was already reflecting a distorted picture.  And now I know that was by design.  Our entire social structure has been controlled and designed to manipulate and divide us to distraction from the root of the problem.  And I have not only been aware, but actually spending my own time, resources and money trying to make others aware.  I think the degree of difficulty opening peoples eyes wore me down to the point where I began to doubt my own theory and doubt myself.

But one unwavering constant brought me back around, and that is the Truth.  You can't change TRUTH.  It will never let you down, if you stand by it, it will be your sword and shield, no matter what.  And I was in a very unique position of being privy to a first hand chance encounter with it through a mainstream media screw up.  I just happened to hear it the one and only time it was aired on public radio.  At the time, I thought to myself how odd a story it was, and who would care about such nonsense.  It didn't seem news worthy.  What made it stick in my mind even more was that it was never repeated.  Very odd for the station which became monotonous by the end of each day.  Why was this one story pulled from the rotation?

Many years later, it came back to my mind like a lightning strike, when I discovered Aaron Russo, and listened to his testimony as he told it to Alex Jones in an interview.  And at the time, Aaron knew he was dying of bladder cancer.  All of a sudden the story of an elite banking family disowning and cutting the inheritance of one of their children made perfect sense to me.  He was hardly a child as I'd visioned him from the news story.  I won't go into detail, but you can find the story online easily.  Search for Aaron Russo / Nick Rockefeller.  In order to gain favor from Aaron, a Hollywood producer, Nick revealed deep dark family secrets about banking.  Having all the wealth and power imaginable, Nick wanted to be a movie producer, and told Aaron how 9 /11 would occur, which would lead to the United States invading Iraq, Iran, and Venezuela.  And how it would lead to a never ending war, chasing people around in caves fighting an enemy we could never define.  Truth is stranger than fiction.

Aaron said, that if we could put all our differences aside, just long enough to all concentrate on abolishing the Federal Reserve System, all the other issues would pretty much dissolve themselves.  I was never quite sure why, but finally, I understand, these problems like immigration, war, gun rights, religious friction, and so on, are all designed to divide us as a people.  While we are occupied fighting each other, we're too busy to pay attention to the man behind the curtain. 

Fractional banking by design, can only work as long as people continue to create debt.  Something else every American should learn about.  But since the recent bubbles leaving many Americans broke and homeless, many have tried to drop off the grid, stop using credit, saving money, investing in land, bullion, and generally creating a toxic environment for bankers.  Our government is bought and paid for, creating yet another smoke screen.  They wrap themselves in Old Glory and create the illusion that everything they do is in our interest, when nothing could be farther from the truth.  I'm relieved to realize that I made the right decision voting for Ron Paul in the GOP primary election, since he is the only one not ready and willing to bomb Iran off the Earth.  Yes.. hang my head in shame!  I too bought into the justification of preemptive strikes on nations who were minding their own damn business just before America bombed the hell out of them.  They were never a threat to America.  And when that was clear, we were sold the story that America has a moral obligation to provide stability and democracy to every corner of the globe.  What a crock of steaming shit!  We have only gone to war to exploit the oil from these countries, so the corporations can get wealthy, and the bankers fund both sides of every damn war, so they never loose.  They must keep that perpetual debt rising to survive.  But now, the house of cards it falling.  No nation on Earth with a fiat economy has ever survived, yet American's are just naive enough to believe that we are special.  We can be different.  


For so long, I had all the pieces to this puzzle, and have only now finally worked them all into place.  Like Ned Beatty said in the movie Shooter, "There are no Shiites and Sunni's... there's no Democrats and Republicans.. there's only haves and have nots!"  

I can no longer wrap myself in the stars and stripes, and call these so called terrorists towel heads when I know in my heart that 9 11 was a false flag operation to get us into these wars to create debt for the richest people on Earth, or all time.  I won't make fun of the Occupy people because I realize, these bankers have enough wealth to support every American completely for the next hundred years.  And I can no longer support our military, when I know they're killing people every day globally in the name of democracy.  Ain't that a joke.  And I have lost sleep over wondering if they will come smashing my door down at some point in time and march my family and me off to some unlawful place never to be seen again. 

This is not to say I abandoned the 3% concept, and that I won't fight to the death to defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  But finally it is crystal clear to me exactly who perpetuates all of the unrest, and threats to America.  For the most part, these foreign nations we're at war with are defending themselves, as Ron Paul said; "What would we do if some super power surrounded us with military bases and was bombing us all the time?"  The bankers are creating policy and paying governments to create wars.  They are evil people.  They are the scum of the Earth.  They have no conscience or morality, and these laws that our government creates to protect themselves and the bankers are meaningless against The Truth.   It will only be a matter of time, and soon at hand, before Americans literally are dragging these bankers , and their inbred offspring into the streets and if not hanging them, taking them into custody for trial by their peers.   Their institutions burned to the ground, and family blood lines wiped from the face of the Earth may not be as radical as it sounds, if it's done in the name of peace, and freedom.

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