MSNBC and Rangel Belittle Tea Party Members

Liberals like to belittle, attack and/or demean any one or group that doesn't believe like them. While Conservatives believe in live and let live and do not insist you agree with them. Conservatives  may try to persuade you to understand their side, but respect your right to be different.  I was listening to Rush and he summed it up like that and I think that is right on.

Case in point, Charlie Rangel and others on MSNBC said the Tea Party members were like terrorists , racists of crackers. We know that cracker is not a racist term per the testimony from a recent comment made during the Zimmerman procedure. It is shameful and one reason why so few people watch MSNBC and listen to Charlie.  Again, if you do not agree with these liberals you are belittled and attacked,  as the enemy. So much for the First Amendment in America under the liberal leadership. I.e., IRS and NSA targeting, complete disregard and no respect for Congress by Obama and his minions, czars and appointees. Then you have the silencing of Benghazi and Fast n Furious whistle blowers.


Now, Obama openly is hiring propaganda specialists to NUDGE Americans to his position. Congress or most of them do nothing while this frontal assault is set up to compliment the cover ups, lies and out right disrespect shown for Congress, Constitution, Bill of Rights and every American who dares to disagree with Obama.

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  • It's called "framing" and the communist are past masters. Read the great book by Soviet defector Former Spy Chief and I wonder if the administration is using some of the tactics employed by the Soviets? Rangel is not the only one ... it is indicative of Liberal thinking.

  • They're just jealous of real adults thus belittle to bring them down to their they think. All it does is make them look smaller.

  • These turds have set back race relations back to 1945
  • Glenn I like your style...
  • Michael, When was in the army I had a 1st Sgt. who could call you out and send you to hell; and you would look forward to the trip. If you want to piss Rangel off, send him copies of "Uncle Remus". He might learn something. Or better yet, send any of his constituents in his district an autographed copy of Uncle Remus. And don't forget to include Chris Mathews

  • Folks I am kind of beginning to like being called a "White Cracker"....if the shoe fits then wear it so I will stick it up their black leftist liberal racist asses!!!!

  • Rangel is a tax evader and a possible crook.

  • That's the spirit Glenn. I do try to be diplomatic, but I feel the same way.
  • Rangel speaks in riddles, while MSNBC is so left that I can't stand to listen nor read about their stupidity.

  • Hey Charlie  . .  here is what the country that you and Obama do not like did eat you heart out - if not for them at that time you would be cutting sugar cane . . 


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