MSNBC and Rangel Belittle Tea Party Members

Liberals like to belittle, attack and/or demean any one or group that doesn't believe like them. While Conservatives believe in live and let live and do not insist you agree with them. Conservatives  may try to persuade you to understand their side, but respect your right to be different.  I was listening to Rush and he summed it up like that and I think that is right on.

Case in point, Charlie Rangel and others on MSNBC said the Tea Party members were like terrorists , racists of crackers. We know that cracker is not a racist term per the testimony from a recent comment made during the Zimmerman procedure. It is shameful and one reason why so few people watch MSNBC and listen to Charlie.  Again, if you do not agree with these liberals you are belittled and attacked,  as the enemy. So much for the First Amendment in America under the liberal leadership. I.e., IRS and NSA targeting, complete disregard and no respect for Congress by Obama and his minions, czars and appointees. Then you have the silencing of Benghazi and Fast n Furious whistle blowers.


Now, Obama openly is hiring propaganda specialists to NUDGE Americans to his position. Congress or most of them do nothing while this frontal assault is set up to compliment the cover ups, lies and out right disrespect shown for Congress, Constitution, Bill of Rights and every American who dares to disagree with Obama.

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  • Rafael, Well stated Black cracker Good stuff.... I wish we could get rid of the racial tension that's been cooked up in the last few months trying to slice up and divide us to the point of mass aggression on all sides.
    You know the best way to stop an army? Take out the leaders...... First
  • I guess that means the word nigger is also not a racist term per testimony from a recent comment made during the Zimmerman procedure. Besides who even listens to this guy anymore? He's a black man that mooches off the government using the underprivileged African Americans as a stepping stone to power. He now has become the master with the whip. Guess you can call him a Black Cracker. He has taken his own people as slaves. We now have a lot of black politicians and black civil rights activist running scared after Bill O'Reilly exposed them for what they really are...a bunch of useless self-righteous thieves. 

  • Another mike I am the only mike gusti in the whole world. I have nothing but respect for cultures, it's the individuals I reserve to dislike.
  • Michael you are correct, "cracka" originated from the slaves referencing the "guy with the wip" as the cracka. It's still offensive we are not wiping African Americans or intend anything but equal rights and opportunity but stand for accountability. We must get past this hatred name calling from the black community.
  • I have heard recently that it was started by slaves calling the guy with the whip and cracking it the cracker
  • Charlie Rangel, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Ben Jealous, Rev. Wright and Barack Obama ALL have one thing in common....THEY ARE ALL RACISTS !!!!Plain and simple !!!!

  • I like to call it "Crazy Making" and I see below some one called it "framing".  Communists are masters at it, so are abusers.  Communism is the worst abuse of human rights that I have ever seen.  Their record is worse then Hitlers, who was a monster.  Communism has killed over 110 million people in the last 100 years.....many who were worked and starved to death in work camps called "gulags".

    The Tea Party has no record of terrorism that I know of and almost every shooting in the past few years has been done by members who claim to be of the "progressive liberal democratic party". 

    Obama's agenda is backfiring on him, the word on the streets is everyone wants him impeached.  I live in the midwest and we hate his policies.  His idealogy of marxist communism has a horrible pattern of death and destruction.  Look at poorly our economy is for Obamacare is at an all time low, less then 12% of people want it now.  The race baiting he does by supporting the Al Sharptons and saying "Travon could have been his son" is causing division.  If Travon was Obama's son, I would hope he would answer a simple question like what was he doing there when Mr. George Zimmerman a Neighborhood Watch Volunteer who gave of his own time asked him. 

     When called a name by the liberal left, like racist, simply state "You are the real racist, as you promote division, not unity"!   Those were words of advice given to me by Herman Cain!

  • Excuse me Rush, you say Cracker is not a racist term! Would you tell me what it implies then or any other of you if you'd like.

  • Mr. Gump summed it up--"stupid is as stupid does" I believe is the quote--or close hopefully.

    The main idea is that conservatives allow a difference of opinion--liberals can't stand it and start labeling people as terrorists, racists etc--no proof- just their stupid opinion.

  • Their day will soon come.  They will pay.

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