MSNBC and Rangel Belittle Tea Party Members

Liberals like to belittle, attack and/or demean any one or group that doesn't believe like them. While Conservatives believe in live and let live and do not insist you agree with them. Conservatives  may try to persuade you to understand their side, but respect your right to be different.  I was listening to Rush and he summed it up like that and I think that is right on.

Case in point, Charlie Rangel and others on MSNBC said the Tea Party members were like terrorists , racists of crackers. We know that cracker is not a racist term per the testimony from a recent comment made during the Zimmerman procedure. It is shameful and one reason why so few people watch MSNBC and listen to Charlie.  Again, if you do not agree with these liberals you are belittled and attacked,  as the enemy. So much for the First Amendment in America under the liberal leadership. I.e., IRS and NSA targeting, complete disregard and no respect for Congress by Obama and his minions, czars and appointees. Then you have the silencing of Benghazi and Fast n Furious whistle blowers.


Now, Obama openly is hiring propaganda specialists to NUDGE Americans to his position. Congress or most of them do nothing while this frontal assault is set up to compliment the cover ups, lies and out right disrespect shown for Congress, Constitution, Bill of Rights and every American who dares to disagree with Obama.

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  • I see many are afraid to call the kettle black if it is black! We never hear the correct word for Liberal. We even still allow Democrats to use the word Democrat. We know they do not support Democracy but mostly Federal Government ruling over the masses. We call that Communism, especially when freedom of speech, via PC, is used extensively by the so-called Liberal media! We note that racism is supported by some Liberal networks as they allow Al Sharpton to lie and tell all of us that America and England are the great Satan! One thing many of us remember in church is that the father of all lies is the Devil and Sharpton and those who employ him have him as father!

  • You know its against my grit to be called a cracker or honky to be labled as a racist by and old lazy assed black fart who is the biggest racist there ever was.Today we have reverse racism.The blacks and other colors get the best jobs in america while the whites have to ride in the back of the bus.In my city and the surrounding cities the blacks and latinos have taken over all the businesses and jobs.The whites have been pushed back and out of the work force.If that isnt racism I dont know what is?And the folks who used to own slaves is the same southern party which enslaved the blacks in the first place called the democrat party.Remember Senator KKK Byrd of West VA he was the oldest serving democrat in Americas history.That old piss Ant was a standing card carring KKK member.No what we have here is a failure to comunicate .Let me tell you I dont believe the whites are ever going to do anything to take their rightful place in America again.Sad Sad.

  • I am mightily offended by this use of the word "cracker", which, for my time spent in the deep south in the early 70's, was a truly racist remark made against whites, all whites, period.  Yet this congressional nigga gets away with it!  It's OK for him to be a black, AND racist, BUT ... don't let no white boy utter any negative word against any automatically become a white cracker, poor white trash, etc.  Funny that only us whites are racist!

  • remember that the congress is divided into the senate and the house of represenatives

  • We must have hit a nerve.  Who is Rangel?  Oh yeah, that's right, he's my enemy.

  • These are not liberals, they are socialists. Liberals not only voice their opinions, they encourage other to do the same. Socialists do not and cannot allow the opinions of the oposition to be heard!

  • OH our congress IS setting us up like sheep to the slaghter, if you wan't a reall knee slapper go to YOUTUBE and see congress pass DHS bill HR 8791. AND THEY PASSED THIS MONSTER .This can leave no doubt as to what they have planed for us .

  • How smart is it to bad mouth millions of "crackers", when you're one of the lowest rated media networks in America?  MSNBC isn't just boring and racial, it's stupid. 

  • I guess I am a southern cracker and hoonky.Peoples who use this phrase to identify white people.The word"honnky" was originaly used to identify black peoples dancehalls and  beerhalls as "Hoonkytonks"Somehow it misstakenly got turned around and was used to identify whites and country music.As for cracker thats plain and simple a cracker is a white.But its ok to run white folks down but its not permisiable to use words such as "negro"Nigger"If a white does that hes a racist double standard dont you agree?

  • I might be a Florida cracker, but I don't look like Al Sharpton Charlie. I'm the Tea Party and proud of it.

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