MSM Once Again Furthers The Big Lie

4063948761?profile=originalMary and I were driving home to Florida from working on the Joe Carr campaign in Tennessee when I heard the report on the radio. “Unarmed black youth shot by police.”

Why did the reporter think it relevant to mention the race of the youth shot by police in the St Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri? Police shooting an unarmed youth is compelling without the racial component.

When blacks commit crimes, the mainstream media bends over backwards to avoid mentioning the criminals' race. For example. When flash mobs were breaking out across America committing crimes of violence, looting and vandalism, the MSM refused to report that the perpetrators were black youths. The MSM's excuse is reporting the race of criminals is unnecessarily provocative.

So why does the MSM not apply the same logic and caution in cases where the alleged attacker is white? Remember how quick and eager the MSM was to convict George Zimmerman in the court of public opinion?

To push its racist-white-man-shoots-unarmed-angelic-black-boy story line, the MSM referred to Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic”. They flooded TV with photographs of a much younger Trayvon Martin including one of him in his little league football uniform. The MSM did everything in its power to hide the truth that Martin was a 17 year old thug. A major broadcast network even doctored audio to portray Zimmerman as a racist.

Obviously, the MSM wanted racial turmoil, division and riots in the streets. The Left's bible, “Rules for Radials” by Saul Alinsky says they win by creating chaos.

The mainstream media is fully committed to helping Obama implement his socialist/progressive agenda. Promoting the false narrative that America is a racist nation is extremely helpful to Obama's purpose.

The MSM has been complicit in assisting the Democrats' efforts to exploit Obama's race to silence opposition to his unprecedented dictatorship.

The MSM jumps on every opportunity to further the big lie that blacks are victims of an eternally racist America. The big lie feeds white guilt, making them more receptive to the government redistributing wealth and pandering to minorities. The big lie also inspires blacks to hate successful whites, inspires violence against whites and creates an entitlement mindset in blacks.

Whites feeling guilty for being white and blacks feeling resentful and entitled equals more Americans submissive to government controls and likely to vote Democrat.

During the Trayvon Martin trial, Leftists were all over TV promoting the big lie that black males are routinely attacked and murdered by whites in America. Their claim is totally absurd. The facts prove quite the opposite. Statistics confirm that blacks kill blacks and black attacks against whites are 39 times more likely than vice versa.

Please note that this article is not about the shooting. I am merely pointing out the mainstream media's agenda driven reporting of the incident.

Once again, the MSM has successfully ginned up racial hate, division and riots in the streets.

Lloyd Marcus, Unhyphenated American

Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

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  • Rafael Garcia, USA ABN,1SG (Ret), Thanks


  • Another danger we have now is the people that do believe the mainstream media and are too lazy to investigate things for themselves. The progressives and communistas have done a clever job at diverting the uninformed to other dumbed down TV programs to keep their minds dysfunctional. The schools are brainwashing the children in this country.

  • Racist! I keep hearing this narrative played over and over again. America is not racist. Because one individual accidently or purposely kills someone of another race does not make America racist. Racist are those parties, agencies, organizations like Democrats, NAACP, KKK, Skin Heads, Raza, Rainbow Coalition, Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, Al Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, and yes, even Obama, who promote this action by stirring hatred and dividing people. When I walk the streets and shop at malls, I see diversity everywhere. Races mingled and joined at the hip. Biracial children, marriages, love relationships. This is everywhere. The new generation has gotten over race. It's those mentioned above that need race to profit and survive and continue to destroy progress. If anything, America is just ignorant for listening and supporting these groups. 

  • Here is a story about the death of a black man at the hands of mostly white police officers that DID NOT get much coverage from the lying mainstream news and I wonder why they chose to pass on this opportunity to exploit? This happened in NY, the mega-center for mainstream news:

    My guess until I learn that this was not a pre-planned event or maybe he did not have any family to cry in front of cameras? But I hope this man gets justice. 
  • If the 'curtain' is pulled back from the MSM....and you dig real deep, you'll find (commie) Soros is behind all efforts for commie takeover of press as stated in Communist Manifesto (1963):

    20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policy-making positions.

    21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

  • Attack a police officer you're probably going to get shot.  'nuff said.

  • Great article Marcus, thank you for your insight.

    Who runs this leftist, mainstream media and who are their personnel loyal to? Knowing this will give you an idea of who really runs Team Obama, Congress and most of the govt agencies that refuse to enforce the Constitution and remove the traitors in office. 

  • IT should all be laid at the feet of Abraham Lincoln.  His act - by fiat - by Executive Order - without foresight and remedies in place...brought all this on.

    Obama is following in Lincoln's shoes by bringing in millions of South of the Border children as well as order to 'change the body politic- to look like himself....then there will be a New America...that will love Obams's policies and principals of life. He is destroying America from WITHIN...a job that history proves could never be done by any force of man..

    Both blacks and Hispanics reproduce children at a rate ten times faster than whites. Obama won't live long enough to enjoy  his Messianic  throne - given by the fruit of his immigration-madness, he will go down not as a re-former of America into 'just another mixture of ethnic-racial-political most other south of the border state and the near east beasts who religion is killing men women and children -as their sure pathway to Allah's paradise.

    Some presidents packed the courts as a way to circumvent the limits of the Constitution...but Obama will pack the ballot boxes - and sire an American public that looks like and thinks like he does. that is....if he lives long enough to accomplish his devilish schemes against the white people of America..

  • The Main Stream Media ARE the left.  Decades ago, the Main Stream "News" Media was bought up by wealthy so-called "Liberals" to be used as a future propaganda arm of the left.  That future is now.

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