4063568312?profile=originalMary and I accepted Becky's gracious offer to use her condo for a week of relaxation. The panoramic view of the Gulf of Mexico from the balcony is breathtakingly beautiful. The spectacular scene of varying shades of blue sky and alive water is always in a continuous state of change. From our high vantage point, we realized that the gulf is a mirror reflecting the heavens, gifting the sky an opportunity to behold it's own glory.

We were thrilled to witness a pod of dolphins swimming in one direction across our view in the mornings and swimming in the opposite direction in the evenings. Their amazing water ballet featured dolphins two by two, in unison, gracefully leaping into the air and reentering the water in one silky smooth movement.

The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God.” Psalm 14:1

Surfing the TV channels, I caught the media frenzy over stupid statements made by Republican Todd Akin. One could only conclude that Akin was the most important news story on the planet. This is yet another example of irresponsible, reprehensible and sold-their-souls-to-the-devil behavior by the mainstream media. Their motto is anything that helps Obama or makes Republicans look bad must be exploited to the max. So Akin will receive 24/7 coverage until they have milked every ounce of negative PR for Republicans out of the story.

Remarkably, the mainstream media functions as if getting Obama reelected trumps everything including world affairs, national security, the U.S. economy and nation race relations.

While our media imitates sharks responding to blood in the water ripping apart Akin, Iran unveiled a new upgraded missile. In response, Israel is talking about possibly attacking Iran. Food and gas prices continue to skyrocket. Mary said, “Can you believe a quart of mayo is five dollars on sale?” One in seven Americans are on food stamps.

Have you heard the mainstream media talk about any of these crucial issues? The answer is no because these extremely important news stories do not further the mainstream media's mission to reelect Obama.

As I stated, even national race relations is fair game to be sacrificed for Obama. For example: The mainstream media has ignored the New Black Panthers' call for violence on Republicans at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

The New Black Panthers' rant on a radio program against Republicans was vile, profane, racist and hate-filled. And yet, we have not heard one peep of rebuke or denouncement from Obama, the Democrats or the mainstream media. The Panthers outrageously and absurdly claim that Republicans hate black people. Therefore, the Panthers claim moral authority to say to the RNC: our “Feet will be on your motherf***king necks”

Judging by their silence regarding the Panthers' hate-filled threat of violence on whites, one can only conclude that the Obama camp believes that the New Black Panthers ginning up hatred in blacks, against white Republicans is good for Obama's reelection. So what if their evil lie rhetoric sets back national race relations, inspires violence and furthers racial division. The Obama camp is not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

The Obama justice department and mainstream media simply yawned when the New Black Panthers broke the law by putting a bounty on the head of George Zimmerman. Could the under reported epidemic of black flash mob attacks on whites across America be the fruit of the mainstream media supporting Democrat race-baiting and ignoring New Black Panthers threats of violence?

This is the evil we good people of America are up against folks. It truly is a war of us against them who harbor evil intentions. This election is not politics as usual; Democrats vs Republicans fighting for control of America's purse strings.

Given their obvious agenda to reelect Obama, lack of fair and balanced analysis and refusal to report news which really affects our lives, I have no, I repeat, no respect for the mainstream media. My gag reflex is growing increasingly weak watching small minded arrogant people on TV pontificating about premises which are flawed at their root; such as, all opposition to Obama is racist.

This week, it was 24/7 coverage of Akin. In these days leading up to the November presidential election, expect the mainstream media to triple down on their coverage of minor stories that they believe will help Obama while ignoring major news that impacts our lives.

The New Black Panthers are pushing for a race war. And yet, the president, his justice department, the Democratic Party and the mainstream media say nothing. Absolutely contemptible.

Hang in there my fellow patriots. God is still on our side and we will defeat this evil come November. May God bless you and the United States of America.

Oh look, two more dolphins just swam by.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman: CampaignToDefeatObama.com


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  • I’ve just received pictures by email of my great grandchild. I have four. It is excruciatingly painful to witness my America changing her core values, and especially when I think about the children. I’ve yet to hear any of America’s leadership give us solutions. They address the symptoms of the problems they have created.

    Mysterious occurrences in my life tying me to the greater consciousness of the universe cause me to suspect this connection is happening on a worldwide scale. The edge of the cliff could be the place where we leap into an unbelievable future; when America’s awareness expands exponentially; when we all become the people we were intended to be.  I hope and pray my intuition is correct.

  • I want to tell you about the first date with my fourth wife. Karen was like meeting an old friend I’d not seen for a long time.  A couple of things happened before our meeting that I attribute to that feeling.

    I’d cut from the herd at age forty-nine, my life in ruins. Seeking a new identity, I spent two years at sea on a sailboat I named Bold Venture. At the mercy of the sea on a small boat, the only help from one’s faith in the God-self, during my time at sea a miracle occurred. I was reborn the person I was intended to be—and found the mate intended for me.  I was age fifty-five and for the first time in my life found real love. For the first time in my life, I found that love is for the young of heart.



    God Bless America,

    Land that I love.

    Stand beside her, and guide her

    Thru the night with a light from above.

    From the mountains, to the prairies,

    To the oceans, white with foam

    God bless America, My home sweet home.


  • Lloyd Marcus is wonderful ! Great points.

  • It's the economy stupid obama.

  • Godspeed.
  • The new black panthers must have been looking in a mirror when ranting "vile, profane, racist and hate-filled" as that describes them to a T! "The Panthers outrageously and absurdly claim that Republicans hate black people." Really? I don't hate blacks and know many who are conservatives who don't like what has been done during this administration. I do not like Obama's fiscally irresponsible  policies and repeated abuse of Constitutional law. That has nothing to do with racism.

  • Todd Akin I can handle, race war I can handle, but 4 more years of this fool in the WH maybe a bit much.

  • Tell me....why is a major political party supporting a pResident of the U.S. that has repeated his support for a "religious sect" that has repeated time and again they will Destroy the United States ?  And this "religous sect" is reported to have 25000 participants and attendees at their parties convention.  The MSM has not mentioned 1 word how this plays out between Politics Religion.  If there is Anything that has surfaced in the last 4 yrs. is just what Our Nations News Media and Jounalist are comprised off......They have definily Shot the Goose That Layed Their Golden Egg !!   Semper Fidelis

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