MSM and Left Racism on Parade in Ferguson

4063952652?profile=originalTalk about deja vu Trayvon Martin spin all over again, I could hardly believe my eyes. During a discussion on CNN about the shooting of Michael Brown by a white police officer, in the background was a photo of Brown in a school graduation cap and gown. Give me a break!

Where was the picture from the surveillance video of the 6'4”, 290 pound thuggish Brown grabbing the store clerk by the throat after stealing cigars? The DOJ has advised news outlets not to broadcast the video of Brown assaulting the store clerk and robbing the store, claiming that it might insight violence. Okay, so allow me to make sure I understand the DOJ's logic. Rather than exposing the true character of Brown, promoting the lie that a white police officer shot a studious innocent black youth who was simply minding his own business will not spark violence. Absurd.

I tip my hat to black conservative, Kevin Jackson who hung tough during a slightly contentious CNN interview. Kevin refused to allow the CNN host to get away with portraying Brown as a “choir boy”. Way to go Kevin! By the way, liberals on the internet have called Kevin a fool.

I had a similar exchange with a reporter during a radio interview about the chaos in Ferguson. However, the reporter during my interview attempted to cut me off at every turn. She had zero tolerance for any other narrative other than white cops across America are shooting young black males at will.

In both Kevin and my interview, the MSM interviewers were incensed and a bit shocked that as black men, we were not all about blaming and resenting whitey. Were we Uncle Toms, stupid or what?

Like in the Trayvon Martin case, the MSM has launched a false narrative. Angelic Michael Brown was murdered by a racist white cop. Period. No amount of facts or truth will cause the MSM to report otherwise.

What I find most disheartening about the MSM's and Leftist talking head's coverage of the shooting is that it is all rooted in lies, political correctness and a racist low expectation of black Americans.

The term, “institutional police brutality” is being tossed around. Hogwash! The fact that Michael Brown knew he could walk into a convenience store, take whatever he wanted and assault the store clerk without consequence says that Ferguson thugs have no fear of the police.

Pundits all over TV are scratching their heads about how to stop the violence and looting in Ferguson. The answer is simple. Arrest and lock up the bad guys. Unfortunately, political correctness does not allow common sense solutions. PC dictates that the police behave like impotent social workers, rather than protecting store owners from looters. PC caused police to back off, forcing store owners to arm themselves to protect their businesses from looters.

The elephant in the room is the MSM's racist bigotry of low expectations. The MSM have been disproportionately critical of Ferguson police while expressing little rebuke of the thugs and looters. It has been complicit with the DOJ in hiding the character of Michael Brown.

It is as if the MSM and the Left have taken the role of parents of spoiled brat children (black criminals). They refuse to acknowledge the bad behavior of their children and attack anyone who dares discipline them.

As in the scenario of a parent coddling a spoiled child, the MSM and the Left hiding and ignoring bad behavior by black criminals is destructive to the black community.

Epidemic black on black murder in Chicago, genocidal high black abortions, epidemic black school dropouts and black out-of wedlock births are taboo topics of the MSM. Compassionate whites who dare address these issues which are devastating the black community suffer the wrath of the Left and MSM. Ask Bill O'Reilly.

And another thing, Ferguson residents are being terrorized by thugs and looters, not by the police.

As a black American whom liberals have called a stupid N word on numerous occasions for touting my conservative views, I get the feeling the MSM's unspoken opinion is as followed. N****** have a right to act like n******. America should understand and compassionately tolerant it. This is pure racism and bigotry of low expectations.

Stemming from our legacy of marching with Dr King, we are a conservative, upright and moral people. A majority of black Americans, if given the truth without PC and political spin will come out on the side of justice and the law. The MSM and the Left's condescension is demeaning and insulting to black America.

Thank God there are faithful black conservatives demanding a higher standard; defending the character and dignity of black America. Black Americans are so much more than who the MSM and Left portray us to be.

Lloyd Marcus, Unhyphenated American

Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

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  • It's not always about the's the whole damn culture that upsets me. I just can't identify with it...or even reason with it...too damn emotional!!!!

  • Good for you Loyd. However, they are going to call you an Uncle Tom and all kind of names. I agree with you 100%. The pictures you see of Michel Brown is of a Choir Boy this is a facade for the press. This man was hoodlum and could care less for law and order. The last thing that I would add to your essay is: you see his parents all pointing the finger at the cops. Racist they call them. Watch how quick they would quite down the moment they get their million dollar insurance payment.

    That is all it take some mula, and they will shut up their mouth off.The same as the Trayvon case, do you see them talking. Naw, they shut up. Right? What a rip off, and they use the black folks as shields.

  • Lloyd Marcus, you are a great unhyphenated American --- there is hope for sanity after all, with good men like you to preach the voice of (un-biased, un-bigoted, un-discriminatory) reason.  Thank you for your courageous honesty. 

  • I just saw a Congressman ,interviewed on The Kelly File, attacking the District Attorney, I believe, who has been elected to serve four times..........she claims he did not get "The Black Vote", well, if this town is 66% Black, how did he get elected 4 times???       Seems like,  maybe the Blacks weren't voting...........  This whole thing is a Catch 22.       With the Race Baiters in attendence, bussing in protestors, calling for hate and violence, does anyone actually believe, a Fair Trail can be conducted in this atmosphere.       Change of Venue????      Eric Holder's appearence , in a Case that should be handeled locally, points once again to the Lawlessness of this Administration.      Evidence is not even going to count in this one.       Lloyd, thanks for your input, and a voice of sanity.


  • Lloyd -Thank you, for trying to be the voice of reason.

  • Not to indict the officer is like saying all the race baiters were wrong. That's not going to happen. Someone must fall. I pray that the officer is treated fairly and that Holder be indicted for lying to Congress about his and the President's involvement in Fast and Furious. 

  • BLACK FLAG still flying on Thursday night's ABC news: "White cop killed unarmed black youth", interview of Mike's crying mother, Holder on the case, Capt Johnson interview, etc. No mention of the cop's version of being attacked in the front seat, being struck in the face, Mike running 35 ft and then turning around to charge the officer who then fired in self defense, or other kids admission that he lied and the cop is telling the truth. The MSM is playing to the Low IQ's to start a Communist Revolution. Ref the Counter Rev's of Hungary 1919, Spain 1936-39, Poland 1989.

  • Eric Holder made a commit in Ferguson that has bothered me, After promising to back the people of Ferguson, which sounds a lot like " I make sure this white cop hangs"  He started his reddrick of " I am A Man of color and I understand the feelings of the people of Ferguson."  What the hell is a man of color about? Hell I have color! In the summer time I have lots of color. I miss Martin Luther King and "judging a man by his character , not his color" Holder may be Black? Mocha?  or what ever but he sure falls short on Character.

  • Marcus , buddy you can live next door to me any time. I live in a area where I have government housing to the west of me, I am surrounded by Sec. 8 housing. we have done pretty good so far.We have travels passing thru our area and some crime, the major crime stays in the projects and the Sec.8 apartments. I have a black family that lives a cross the street from me, another that lives two houses down the street, both work, have kids that play in the street, they keep their lawns mowed and there homes and yards clean. NO PROBLEM!  They don't want to live in high crime areas and they sure as hell don't want their kids to be put at risk. Shouldn't that be the goal for every American family? 

  • We Interupt You're Daily Programming For This Special Buletin Crisis In Ferguson,Mo, It's Just In Suspects Dorian J. Johnson has COnfessed To being the Accomplice in the armed robbery with boxes if Swisher Cigars $48.99 and His Parents Michael Brown Sr. and Lesley McSpadden Has Confessed Of Being the MAsterminds of the Lootings,Vandalism,Arson,and the string of roberies and has destoryed Businesses On West Florissant In Ferguson,Mo. and Ferguson Police Officer Darren WIlson Has Shot Suspect Michael brown to stop the armed robbery at a conveint store On West Florrisant Ave.,Ferguson,Mo.63135 and I Repeat Suspect Dorain Johnson Is the Accesory in the armed Robbery In Ferguson,mo. and His Parents Michael Brown Sr. And LEsley McSpadden Has Confessed Of being the masterminds of the Looting,Vandalism

    and the string of burglaries and I Repeat michael brown' Parents Michael Brown Sr.,Lesley McSpadden Has Confessed Of Being the Masterminds Of Looting,String Of Burglaries,

    Vandalism,Property Damages On All Of the Businesses On West Florissant In Ferguson,mo and If Anyone has Seen Suspects Dorian Johnson,Michael Brown Sr.,Lesley McSpadden Is To Call the Ferguson Police Department (314)522-3100,St.Louis County Police Department (314)889-2345 with this Information as well.

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