mr. obama – TEAR DOWN THIS LAW!

mr. obama – TEAR DOWN THIS LAW!

Someone told me that with obummer , every morning is the dawn of a new error.

I don’t think so. Every morning is a new chance to continue his mission to transform

our Rebublic into a 3rd world communist cesspool.

He makes errors. Everybody does. But most of his actions are the result of cold, calculated, malicious,

plans to destroy America. The ACA is simply just one more of many other results he has gotten away with because nobody (at least way too few) in Congress have the fortitude to call him out.


Fortunately, the ACA has provided some Sunshine , that great disinfectant. The heat from obamacare

has finally awoken enough citizens that the DC gang is worried about their jobs.


obamacare  has been outed as the greatest job killer program ever perpetrated by the Gov’t. Ironically it finally reached the point of personal pain when it threatened the jobs of democraps; and precipitated yet another LIE from nobummer. His FIX, you see, is NOT a FIX for Americans with an insurance problem. His FIX is nothing more than a deception (very poorly veiled) to take some heat off those poor frightened democraps thru the 2014 elections. After that, his FIX is …. Back to losing your insurance.

He did make an error when he refused to negotiate over delaying the ACA. The Nation would have benefited if agreements were reached. However, those agreements would NOT carry the banner of “I/ME” did it. So he refused to negotiate and was later forced (by his own democraps) to apply the FIX.

The end result is that HE has been outed as a LIAR, regardless of oprah.


For that and many other egregious failures he needs to be Impeached, or likely better tried for treason or as a subversive. But the spineless, self-serving, gang in DC won’t do that.

The ACA , like prohibition and segregation, needs to be dismantled, unfunded, repealed.

If Ronald Reagan were alive today I sure we would hear………………..

mr. obama, tear down this law!



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